Quinoa, Apellewa (Organic)

Chenopodium quinoa. 80-95 days. The earliest maturing quinoa we have ever grown, or heard of for that matter. Even with such early ripening, Apellewa produces great yields of large, mostly…

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Quinoa, Taiwanese (Organic)

Chenopodium formosanum. Easy to grow plants are similar to lambsquarters, with a unique pink coloration. Very heat tolerant. The magic happens when they grow over 6' tall,producing beautiful long trailing…

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Quinoa, Linares (Organic)

Chenopodium quinoa. 100-110 days. One of the best candidates for western Oregon quinoa production. There has been a lot of hype about quinoa production lately with few successes on a…

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Quinoa, Dave 407 (Organic)

Chenopodium quinoa. 90-100 days. Our favorite quinoa because of its unique history and excellent performance here in the Willamette Valley. Golden orange seeds. 4-5' tall plants with seed heads that…

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Quinoa, Temuco (Organic)

Chenopodium quinoa. 100-110 days. High yielding of orange seed heads. Open head shape is less prone to molding in seed heads than other quinoa varieties. We have heard that it…

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Quinoa, Chadmo (Organic)

Chenopodium quinoa. 105-115 days. Cream-brown seed. This variety was shared with our friend, Dan Armstrong at the 2013 International Quinoa Symposium at Washington State University, who passed it onto us…

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