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Sweet Corn, New Mama Super Sweet (Organic)

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Zea mays. Super Sweet. 80-90 days.

One of the first open pollinated super sweet (Sh2) corns! Medium-large ears have yellow, truly super sweet kernels, and hold their flavor once picked. Still a little variable in maturity and color with some pale yellow kernels, but we think this may be necessary to maintain vigor as corn does poorly with inbreeding. Selected from crosses made between a Tim Peters super sweet called White Sugar and an early release yellow super sweet from Friedemann Ebner of Sativa Rheinau in Switzerland. Because Andrew borrowed so much from Tim and Friedemann, who themselves borrowed so much from the corn breeders before them, he almost called this one “Borrowed Tune.” That name didn’t quite ring true, though. And then with so many of our friends becoming new mamas, we couldn’t resist – this “Sh2” is for the mamas!

Corn does best when direct sown 1” deep, spaced at 18” centers. Plant when danger of frost has passed, after soaking seed overnight. For optimal pollination plant in blocks of 100. Super Sweet Corn can be slow growing at first due to the shrunken kernels having less energy to get started. Cover with row cover in cool weather or plant later in the spring when soil temperature has reached 65° F.

Seed Saving

Harvest for seed when stalks are brown. Pick cob, fold husk back, and leave inside to dry completely. Remove kernels by rubbing two cobs together, or by hand. Test for dryness with a hammer; dry kernels shatter and moist ones squish. Isolate from other corn by 1/2 – 1 mile or two weeks for time isolation.

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