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Unfortunately, we have no shallots available for 2016.

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  • French Grey Shallots
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    French Grey Shallot Seed (Organic)

    Allium oschaninii. 270 days (fall planted).

    We fell in love with the French Grey Shallots when we started to grow them to add diversity to the winter CSA share. They instantly became one of our favorite alliums in the kitchen, as they have a very fine flavor that adds a lovely touch to almost any dish. Shallots are widely used not only in French, Indian, and Thai food, but also Central Asian cooking, where they reportedly grow wild. These shallots have a hard skin that can be difficult to peel, but underneath their rough exterior lies a heart of gold; I almost think that cliché was first used to describe the French Grey Shallot (even though the “heart” is white and purple). French Grey Shallots are a true shallot, meaning they are only propagated vegetatively and never form true seed. For a great background on shallots in general check out this article on The Shallot Wars.

    Bulb size is 1/2″ minimum, up to 2″. Average 10 – 40 bulbs per lb.

    Shallot inventory will be updated late August for shipping mid-September, 2017.

    No international orders.