Garlic is usually propagated through clones – cloves are planted in the fall to produce bulbs the following summer. Some hardneck varieties can be forced to flower and set True Garlic Seed. This seed results in new varieties of garlic, but very few people worldwide are engaged in this work because it is so difficult.

Avram of Garlicana Farm in Tiller, Oregon has successfully produced True Garlic Seed (TGS) in enough quantity to distribute to those who want to dive deep into the world of garlic plant breeding. We are thrilled for the opportunity to help get this seed out into more hands and also to grow some ourselves.

True Garlic Seed is an exciting opportunity to experiment with something new. It is NOT an economical way to produce garlic due to the difficulty to produce the seed. Furthermore, each seedling must be grown for at least two years before a bulb will be produced, and results are unpredictable since propagation is not through clones.

Please read this article before beginning your TGS adventure.

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