Adaptive Seeds


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  • Black Oats

    Oats, Black (Organic)

    Avena sativa.

    Hulled oat from an unknown biodynamic farm in England. Very ornamental, dark brown, almost black hull. If left in the field too long the sun bleaches the black to brown. Oats are tasty when hull is removed, then rolled for porridge. Most hulled varieties are used for cover crop or animal feed.

  • Oats, Föckinghauser

    Oats, Föckinghauser (Organic)

    Avena sativa.

    A white oat with hulls bred from the old variety “Alfred” by Wolfgang Kreimer of Mühlenbachhof, Germany. Early maturing, fairly short and lodge resistant. Used as an animal feed and for hay, or as a winter-kill cover crop in cold climates. Said to grow well as a mixture with spring barley and fed in combination for sheep, goats, horses, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, and rabbits. We collected it in 2007 when visiting Ulla Grall and her seed company Bio-Saatgut in Germany.