Salad Mix Varieties

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  • Summer Fun Salad Mix (Organic)


    Heat-tolerant greens that will add a refreshing kick to summer salads. Mix includes amaranth, purslane, Buck’s Horn plantain, chard, as well as summer lettuces, endives, and more. Unlike the Delicious Diversity Mesclun Mix, there are no Brassicas in this one. Due to different seed sizes and maturity dates, this mix is recommended for the home…

  • Sweet William, Hollandia Purple Crown Mix (Organic)


    Dianthus barbatus. 45 days. This Dianthus / Sweet William is an annual cut flower version of the cottage garden favorite. So many Sweet Williams are biennial and it is difficult to wait for the blooms. The 2′ tall plants of Hollandia Purple Crown Mix display many of the classic Dianthus colors – red, purple, white,…

  • Texsel Greens

    Texsel Greens – Abyssinian mustard (Organic)


    Brassica carinata. A selection of Abyssinian mustard. Excellent flavor with some garlic overtones. One of Andrew’s favorite salad greens, especially in early winter, though Sarah likes it more for braising. Dark green, oval leaves with slightly irregular edges average 4-7” long. May size up enough for bunching, but does not get as big as other…

  • Yukina Savoy Greens - Organic Seed - Adaptive Seeds

    Yukina Savoy (Organic)


    This dark green spoon- leafed Asian green is very similar to Tatsoi but with larger leaves and more savoyed texture. Yukina Savoy is one of the best mild mustards out there, as it works well as both a salad green when small, and sauté green when larger.