Tomato, Teton de Venus

Solanum lycopersicum. 80-85 days. Indet.

Elongated pointy 1/2 lb oxhearts with pronounced nipples at the ends. Red fruits are richly flavored & fairly tart making them good for fresh eating but they are best cooked like any other oxheart. Tall plants are wispy & prolific, needing plenty of trellis support. The late yield of this unique & delicious tomato
is worth the wait. We have heard that Teton de Venus can get some foliar disease in hot humid climates but we have not had any problems here with our dry summers. They say you can't judge a tomato by its name,
but this is an example of a perfect name for a really good tomato. We received it originally from Tatiana Kouchnareva in British Colombia, Canada. She is the creator of the wonderful website, Tatiana's TOMATObase. She received this variety from tomato collector Geza Korbely in Hungary.