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  • organic Demi-Hâtive de Malines Belgian endive seedOrganic Belgian Endive Demi-Hative De Malines seeds

    Belgian Endive, Demi-Hâtive de Malines (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Belgian / forcing type. 90 days for root; up to 260 days for forcing. Delicious Belgian / Witloof type endive, that can easily be forced in simple production conditions. Belgian endives are grown during the main season (direct sown in June). Roots are then dug in early fall and forced in darkness (either…

  • Celery, Hollow Pipe of Malines

    Celery Leaf, Hollow Pipe of Malines (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 70 days. Light-green leaf cutting celery. Grows to 18” and is great in mirepoix and soups. Stems are also usable, but much smaller than those of stalk celery. The flavor packs a punch that is most suitable for cooking; a little goes a long way. This vigorous biennial leaf makes a great addition…

  • Leek, Liège Giant Winter

    Leek, Liège Giant Winter (Organic)


    Allium ampeloprasum. Large, hardy winter leek with dark blue-green leaves. Some plants have purple hue to leaves during cold weather. An old heritage variety from Liège (Luik in Flemish), a province of eastern Belgium. Variety given to The Seed Ambassadors Project in 2007 by Belle Epoch Seed Company, Belgium.

  • Leek, Mechelen Blue Green Winter (Organic)

    Leek, Mechelen Blue Green Winter (Organic)


    Allium ampeloprasum. Selected for over 15 years for winter hardiness down to -10°F in Mechelen, Belgium. Not an especially long leek, this variety puts its growth energy into growing fat instead of tall. Thick giant leeks are very highly regarded in Belgium and are an important winter food. A selection of the heirloom Blue Green…

  • Organic Tonnelet Tomato

    Tomato, Tonnelet (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red with Yellow Stripes. Paste. 75 days. Indet. Roma-like, 2” long fruit are produced in clusters of 6 or more with beautiful yellow tiger stripes on red, 2-3 oz fruit. Flavor is fragrant and sweet. A variety developed in 1990 by Belgian tomato collector, Luc Fichot, and named after its fruit shape that…