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  • Organic Copperhead Grain Amaranth Seed

    Amaranth, Copperhead (Organic)


    Amaranthus sp. Flower/Grain. 45 days leaf; 90 grain. A stunning early maturing variety that grows 4-7′ tall and has light tan, almost golden colored seeds. With its very ornamental, large, orange seed heads, Copperhead Amaranth will certainly become a focal point in the garden. We love it when staple food crops double as ornamentals. Similar…

  • Coral Fountain Amaranth

    Amaranth, Coral Fountain (Organic)


    Amaranthus caudatus. Flower. 65 days. Coral Fountain Amaranth is similar to the beloved Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth, with its long flowing pendulum type flower heads, but the flowers are a lovely coral-peach color instead of magenta. Plants grow 4-5′ tall with flowers reaching downward to the ground. Makes a great cut flower and also works…

  • Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

    Amaranth, Love Lies Bleeding (Organic)


    Amaranthus caudatus. Flower. 65 days. This popular ornamental has long streaming magenta flowers that are very nice as a long lasting cut flower. Love Lies Bleeding is a great crop in the summer heat and tolerates neglect very well. Yields tan edible seeds with a slight pink hue. Occasionally self seeds and can return through…

  • Amaranth, Rio San Lorenzo (Organic)Rio San Lorenzo Amaranth

    Amaranth, Rio San Lorenzo (Organic)


    Amaranthus sp. Flower/Grain. 45 days leaf; 100 grain. We chose Rio San Lorenzo amaranth because of its beautiful marbled seed heads of pink-red and yellow-gold. They are gorgeous and seem to shimmer. Leaves can also be eaten raw when young or cooked like spinach when more mature. Vigorous plants typically grow to 7′ for us,…

  • Amaranth, Rodale Red Leaf Grain (Organic)


    Amaranthus sp. Leaf/Flower/Grain. 45 days leaf; 90-100 days grain. Our renamed selection from variable material that originally came from the Rodale Institute in the early 1980s, and more recently from seed saver and author Suzanne Ashworth in California with the name Red Leaf Grain. Rodale Red Leaf Grain amaranth is strikingly beautiful with deep red…

  • Sunset Goldilocks AmaranthAmaranth, Sunset Goldilocks (Organic)

    Amaranth, Sunset Goldilocks (Organic)


    Amaranthus sp. Flower/Grain. 45 days leaf; 90 grain. Stocky plants grow 4-5′ tall, producing mostly light-gold heads packed with tiny blond seeds. Some beautiful bicolored strawberry blond plants are also part of the genepool. Sunset Goldilocks is worth growing as an ornamental crop alone. Very early for a grain amaranth. Leaves can also be eaten…

  • Barley, Lawina Hulless (Organic)
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    Barley, Lawina Hulless (Organic)


    Hordeum vulgare. Short plants produce 2-rowed heads of tasty, hulless barley that thresh easily yet don’t shatter. Hulless barley is a good bioregionally appropriate substitute for rice, as it produces well, is easy to process, and cooks up into a wholesome, delicious whole grain. Lawina Hulless is our golden barley variety of choice for market….

  • CamelinaCamelina

    Camelina (Organic)


    Camelina sativa. Camelina is an under utilized alternative grain crop with very high potential. Also known as false flax and can be used similarly for oil production. We are not the biggest fans of vegetable oils but camelina just might be the perfect healthy replacement for the scourge of canola. Grown in Europe for at…

  • Crimson Clover Cover Crop
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    Clover, Crimson (Organic)


    Trifolium incarnatum. An excellent winter or spring cover crop known primarily for its nitrogen fixing properties and high biomass production. Large, strikingly beautiful crimson flowers appear in the late spring and are great food for bees and other pollinators. In regions where the winter stays above 0°F, Crimson Clover is sown in the late summer…

  • Open Oak Party Mix Organic Dent Corn seed

    Dent Corn, Open Oak Party Mix (Organic)


    Zea mays. Flinty Dent. 90-100 days. Our main crop field corn that we grow for cornmeal, flour and for making masa. Open Oak Party Mix is the best corn we offer for nixtamalization and making your own hominy or pozole. After grinding, we sometimes sift out the coarse polenta from the flour and we have…

  • Organic Strubbe’s Blue Dent Corn seedsOrganic Strubbe’s Blue Dent Corn cobs

    Dent Corn, Strubbe’s Blue (Organic)


    Zea mays. Dent. 90-100 days. One of the most beautiful and uniquely colored corns we have seen, with single colored ears ranging from striking turquoise to bright blue to purple-blue kernels. Strubbe’s Blue Dent Corn is perfect for making your own blue tortilla masa or cornmeal for cornbread. Plants grow to about 7′ tall and…

  • Einkorn seed
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    Einkorn (Organic)


    Triticum monococcum. The first form of wheat to be cultivated over 10,000 years ago. Einkorn has much higher protein than modern wheat, but is much lower yielding. The name einkorn is German for ‘single grain,’ since it has only one grain per hull. Similar to emmer, einkorn is also spring sown and can be easier…

  • Emmer Farro
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    Emmer / Faro (Organic)


    Triticum dicoccum. A delicious and nutritious grain, this awned wheat relative has a tightly wrapped hull that is difficult to remove, needing specialized equipment (or maybe just a blender). The hulls make it especially good for brewing beer, and it is also great animal feed. For some techniques on dehulling emmer and other ancient grains,…

  • Fava Bean, Sweet Lorane (Organic)


    Vicia faba. Small seeded favas are usually relegated to cover crop status, but Sweet Lorane was selected to have good, sweet flavor, so it’s an excellent choice for a dual-purpose crop to feed both the soil and the gardener. The flavor is excellent and is especially delicious in fava hummus. Usually sown in autumn for…

  • Foster FlaxFlax, Foster (Organic)

    Flax, Foster (Organic)


    Linum usitatissimum. 100 days. Pretty, dark blue flowers are followed by beautiful, golden-yellow seeds with very high oil content. A little late to mature, but higher oil content is worth the wait. Golden flax has a delicious flavor that is milder than brown flax types. Foster flax is named for Foster County, North Dakota. It…

  • sussex flax

    Flax, Sussex (Organic)


    Linum usitatissimum. A fairly tall flax at about 3′ that is good for fiber production. The brown seeds are noteworthy for their high alpha-linolenic acid (an Omega-3 fatty acid) content, as tested by the Irish Seed Savers Association. Eighteen varieties were tested with polyunsaturated fat percentages between 28-75%, and Sussex had the highest. Many Western…

  • Organic Cascade Ruby Gold Flint Corn Seed

    Flint Corn, Cascade Ruby-Gold (Organic)


    This has become the corn of legends. Perfect for our taste buds and Pacific Northwest climate, it is difficult to describe without sounding overzealous. Not only does this variety produce the tastiest polenta and cornmeal we have ever tried, but it was bred just across the valley from us by our friend Carol Deppe in Corvallis, Oregon. An 8-12 row flint corn related to Abenaki and Byron flint. It brings the best traits from both combining the general awesomeness of Abenaki minus the pale yellow ears, and from Byron, the wonderful gold-orange color and excellent husk coverage. Ears are smaller than Abenaki. Throw in some more genius selection by Carol and you get a flint corn that makes bright gold polenta with pretty red flecks that quickly became a hot seller. Each plant will produce one of many options of single color ears ranging from bright-yellow, maple-gold, red-orange to deepest red. Separate out the colors for cooking and get a range of delicious and distinct flavors from one crop. Find out more in Carol’s book, The Resilient Gardner.

  • Flint Corn, Saskatoon White (Organic)


    Zea mays. Flint. 70-80 days. The earliest dry corn we have ever grown. Reliable and delicious, although not high yielding. We consider it our fail safe insurance corn crop for cold years when late spring rains prevent planting and/or early fall rains set in. Very short plants have one or two small, slender ears of…

  • Organic Purple Mountains Flour Corn Seed
    Organic Purple Mountains Flour Corn Seed

    Flour Corn, Purple Mountains (Organic)


    Zea mays. Flour/Parching. 85-90 days. The stunning lavender-purple kernels of Purple Mountains Corn are held on 7-9” long, mostly 8 row cobs. Short 4-5′ plants are very early to mature and are surprisingly high yielding for such small plants. We have selected this corn for several seasons after crossing some Mandan Parching Lavender corn into…

  • Millet, Auksés

    Millet, Auksés (Organic)


    Setaria italica. Foxtail millet. Foxtail millet is the type used for bird food. Small seeds have yellow hulls that must be removed before humans can eat it (not an easy task). Very easy to grow, but difficult to save seed from unless you have zero birds in your garden (but who would want that?!). Try…

  • Millet, Dragon’s Claw (Organic)


    Eleusine coracana. 90 days. Finger millet. Aptly named, Dragon’s Claw is a unique and fun millet with panicles that are shaped like a hand with up to eight fingers pointed up to the sky. Would make a neat addition to autumn bouquets. The birds in our field left this one alone, preferring pretty much every…

  • Millet, Hells Canyon (Organic)


    Setaria italica. Foxtail millet. This is an awesome foxtail millet. Beautiful, dense, fingery heads are a reddish brown, leaves and stalks are purplestreaked green. Tolerates cooler summers. Very productive, easy to hand harvest (if you can get to it before the birds) and gorgeous in flower arrangements. Plants grow to 6′ tall. From Don Kluever…

  • Millet Proso Juosves

    Millet, Juosves (Organic)


    Panicum miliaceum. Proso millet. Proso millet is a good edible grain for those with gluten allergies, if you can manage to hull it. Great as bird seed if you cannot. Large seeds have red-orange hulls. Juosves millet is very drought tolerant and is easy to grow. Sprays make attractive additions to bouquets. Variety given to…

  • Millet, Rudukes (Organic)


    Setaria italica. Foxtail millet. Easy to grow, small seeded variety with red-orange hulls. As with our other millet varieties, it is also great fermenting into beer for personal use or feeding to your chickens and ducks. Remove hull before you eat it. Drought resistant. Rudukes millet was given to us by the Lithuanian Ministry of…

  • Amaranth Alliance Mix

    Mix, Amaranth Alliance (Organic)


    Amaranthus sp. Flower/Grain. 65-95 days. A fun and beautiful way to explore amaranth diversity. Amaranth Alliance contains flower and grain types in a rainbow of colors, with several reds, plus pink, green, bronze, and bicolors in the mix. Very ornamental – a festive backdrop for the garden. Equal parts Copperhead, Coral Fountain, Green Tails, Love…

  • Mix, Birdfood Bonanza (Organic)


    Grow a garden for your feathered friends! Mix contains millet, sunflowers, lettuce, cosmos, mustard, and others. We have at times joked that our efforts are for the birds. Quite literally in this case! Sow in spring for a progression of seeds your backyard birds will love. We have been known to grow catch crops of…

  • Oats, Föckinghauser (Organic)


    Avena sativa. An early maturing, fairly short and lodge resistant white oat with hulls. Used as an animal feed and for hay, or as a winter-kill cover crop in cold climates. Grows well mixed with spring barley and fed in combination for sheep, goats, horses, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, and rabbits. Bred by Wolfgang Kreimer…

  • Popcorn, Dakota Black (Organic)


    Zea mays. Popcorn. 90 days. One of the earliest maturing and easiest to grow popcorns. 6-8” ears on 6′ tall plants. Dark black kernels have a ruby-red, glassy shine when held in the right angle of light. The pointy kernels pop bright white with a small black hull still attached. The flavor is delicious, hearty…