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  • Barley, Lawina Hulless (Organic)
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    Barley, Lawina Hulless (Organic)


    Hordeum vulgare. Short plants produce 2-rowed heads of tasty, hulless barley that thresh easily yet don’t shatter. Hulless barley is a good bioregionally appropriate substitute for rice, as it produces well, is easy to process, and cooks up into a wholesome, delicious whole grain. Lawina Hulless is our golden barley variety of choice for market….

  • CamelinaCamelina

    Camelina (Organic)


    Camelina sativa. Camelina is an under utilized alternative grain crop with very high potential. Also known as false flax and can be used similarly for oil production. We are not the biggest fans of vegetable oils but camelina just might be the perfect healthy replacement for the scourge of canola. Grown in Europe for at…

  • Einkorn seed
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    Einkorn (Organic)


    Triticum monococcum. The first form of wheat to be cultivated over 10,000 years ago. Einkorn has much higher protein than modern wheat, but is much lower yielding. The name einkorn is German for ‘single grain,’ since it has only one grain per hull. Similar to emmer, einkorn is also spring sown and can be easier…

  • Emmer Farro
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    Emmer / Faro (Organic)


    Triticum dicoccum. A delicious and nutritious grain, this awned wheat relative has a tightly wrapped hull that is difficult to remove, needing specialized equipment (or maybe just a blender). The hulls make it especially good for brewing beer, and it is also great animal feed. For some techniques on dehulling emmer and other ancient grains,…

  • Foster FlaxFlax, Foster (Organic)

    Flax, Foster (Organic)


    Linum usitatissimum. 100 days. Pretty, dark blue flowers are followed by beautiful, golden-yellow seeds with very high oil content. A little late to mature, but higher oil content is worth the wait. Golden flax has a delicious flavor that is milder than brown flax types. Foster flax is named for Foster County, North Dakota. It…

  • sussex flax

    Flax, Sussex (Organic)


    Linum usitatissimum. A fairly tall flax at about 3′ that is good for fiber production. The brown seeds are noteworthy for their high alpha-linolenic acid (an Omega-3 fatty acid) content, as tested by the Irish Seed Savers Association. Eighteen varieties were tested with polyunsaturated fat percentages between 28-75%, and Sussex had the highest. Many Western…

  • Oats, Föckinghauser (Organic)


    Avena sativa. An early maturing, fairly short and lodge resistant white oat with hulls. Used as an animal feed and for hay, or as a winter-kill cover crop in cold climates. Grows well mixed with spring barley and fed in combination for sheep, goats, horses, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, and rabbits. Bred by Wolfgang Kreimer…

  • Elka White Seeded PoppyElka White Seeded Poppy

    Poppy, Elka White (Organic)


    Papaver somniferum. Easy to grow white breadseed type. Elka White Poppy produces nice ornamental white and subtle pink-white flowers with purple smudges in the center. Yields massive quantities of sweet, nutty flavored white seeds that make an excellent paste/ meal when ground into nut butter. Giant seed pods (11⁄2″ x 2″) are sealed and do…

  • Organic Hungarian Blue Breadseed Poppy seedOrganic Hungarian Blue Breadseed Poppy seed

    Poppy, Hungarian Blue Breadseed (Organic)


    Papaver somniferum. Blue breadseed type. The light blue seeds of this variety have a delicious nutty flavor. With stunning dark purple petals, Hungarian Blue Breadseed poppy also makes a beautiful ornamental, especially when a patch or field is flowering all together. This Hungarian heritage variety is super easy to grow and a highly nutritious staple…

  • Sorghum, Ba Ye QiSorghum, Ba Ye Qi

    Sorghum, Ba Ye Qi (Organic)


    Sorghum bicolor. 90 days. By the far the earliest maturing grain sorghum we’ve grown. 7′ tall plants have one goal in mind and that is to make grain. Sugar content of the stalks and quantity of forage is not huge, which helps it mature grain so early. Sorghum flour is delicious and makes excellent gluten-free…

  • Organic Jalisco Sugar Cane Sorghum seed
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    Sorghum, Jalisco Sugar Cane (Organic)


    Sorghum bicolor. 120 days. As the name suggests, Jalisco Sugar Cane is the type of sorghum used for pressing to make sorghum molasses / sorgo / sorghum syrup. We have not tried to make it ourselves but the syrup is delicious and the stems sure are sweet to chew on! The plants produce well in…

  • Kassaby Sorghum
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    Sorghum, Kassaby (Organic)


    Sorghum bicolor. 110 days. White seeded grain sorghum with beautiful, dense seed heads. Plants grow to 12′ tall. Although Kassaby is a grain type, the stalks are wonderful to chew on and almost sweet enough to pass as sugarcane. Sorghum does not always mature seed at our latitude, but with an early sowing, Kassaby will…

  • Sorghum, M61 Perennial (Organic)


    Sorghum bicolor. 110 days. We received this beautiful grain from our friend Tim Peters back in 2005 when we drove around the back roads of Douglas County, Oregon collecting samples from his guerrilla perennial grain breeding projects. We saw many perennialized clumps growing back year after year and were intrigued. Although we have succeeded growing…

  • Sunflower, Hungarian Black Seeded (Organic)Sunflower, Hungarian Black Seeded (Organic)

    Sunflower, Hungarian Black Seeded (Organic)


    Helianthus annuus. 5-7′ tall plants produce mostly single, 8-12” flowers with yellow petals. Large, black seeds are tasty as a snack and also good for fresh sprouts since they’re huge. Black seeded sunflower seeds are a popular protein-rich food in eastern Europe, and are very popular with the birds here at our farm. May also…

  • AL white teff organic seed

    Teff, A. L. White (Organic)


    Eragrostis tef. An early maturing white seeded teff that consistently performs well in conditions varying from the short cool summer of 2010 to the long hot summer of 2015. White teff is usually too late maturing to be grown here, luckily A.L. White teff is different. Each plant produces many beautiful wispy tillers, like an…