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  • Tomato, Golden Currant (Organic)

    Tomato, Golden Currant (Organic)

    Solanum sp. Yellow. 70 days. Indet.

    An excellent currant tomato. Flavor is more fruity than Yellow Currant and sweeter than Orange Currant. Currant type tomatoes are quite sprawling and require either a lot of space or a very sturdy trellising system as plants can grow to 8-10′. Suspected to be a parent of the hybrid Sungold, but we have not confirmed this. If you plant a few of these plants you will have currants coming out of your ears—in a good way. You will be sprinkling them into every salad, yum!

  • Tomato, Orange Currant (Organic)

    Tomato, Orange Currant (Organic)

    Solanum sp. Orange. 65-70 days. Indet.

    Produces immense quantities of miniature (¼ – ½”) tomatoes similar to other currant types but with good orange color and split resistance. Skin is thick, but flavor is excellent, fruity and sweet. They delightfully pop when you eat them. Tiny fruits hold quality for a long time both on and off the plant. Very productive, tall, non-shattering vines. Variety given to The Seed Ambassadors Project by Gerhard Bohl, a tomato seed collector in Germany.

  • Tomato, Sweet Cherriette (Organic)
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    Tomato, Sweet Cherriette (Organic)

    Solanum sp. Red. 35 days. Indet. Dwarf.

    Probably an interspecific cross of S. esculentum & S. pimpinellifolium. A delightful discovery for us from an old packet of Peters Seed and Research seed given to us by our friends at Bountiful Gardens. The first tomato of the season for us in 2013, by two whole weeks! Beautifully branched, small vines make it great for container culture or hanging baskets. Flavor is reminiscent of a red currant type, and more tart than one would expect with a name like Sweet Cherriette. Fruit are small for a cherry but larger than true currants. We’re calling it an indeterminate dwarf, as it pumps out several flushes of fruit over the course of the season. I know it’s redundant, but so true I have to say it again: Sweet Cherriette is a delightful variety.

  • Tomato, Tomatito de Jalapa (Organic)

    Tomato, Tomatito de Jalapa (Organic)

    Solanum sp. Red. 70 days. Indet.

    Probably S. pimpinellifolium. Packs a huge amount of tomato flavor in a small package. Tomatito de Jalapa is extremely productive of small, tart, red currant type cherry tomatoes. Originally found growing wild in the mountains of Jalapa, Mexico. Reported to be late blight resistant. Nice compliment to Orange Currant and Golden Currant. Our original source of this seed is the current Queen of Tomatoes, Tatiana Kouchnareva of Tatiana’s TOMATObase.