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  • butterhead lettuce mix

    Adaptive Seeds Butterheads Up Mix (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. 55 days. For those of you who would rather grow head lettuce than baby salad mix, this mix is for you. Includes nothing but butterhead varieties. Colors range from light green to dark red. All will make good, dense heads suitable for salads, sandwiches, or use as lettuce wraps. Can also be cultivated…

  • Adaptive Seeds Cool Season Lettuce Mix

    Adaptive Seeds Cool Season Lettuce Mix (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. 28 days. Seasonal lettuce mixes are a great way to achieve culinary and growing success. This mix is best sown in spring (March-April) and autumn (September-October), and includes varieties that have shown excellence in our spring and fall lettuce trials. All varieties will germinate in diverse soil conditions and are cool weather tolerant….

  • broom and floor sweeping pile
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    Adaptive Seeds Floor Sweepings Ultimate Seed Mix


    Limited Time Offer! This mix is for the seed enthusiast who can’t stand the idea of a single seed going to waste. Each packet contains approximately one gram of floor sweepings from our seed room floor. May include one or more seeds for any of our over 600 varieties! Packet includes seeds, pine needles, dog…

  • Adaptive Seeds Summer Lettuce Mix (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. 28 days. Features varieties that have performed well in our hot weather lettuce trials. Includes crisphead, romaine, oak leaf, and butterhead varieties, making this mix work well for head lettuce or cut-and-come-again salad mix production. We recommend this mix for summer sowings in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Alexanders Greens
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    Organic Alexanders Greens seed

    Alexanders (Organic)


    Smyrnium olusatrum. Perennial/Biennial. This plant goes by many names and has a long history, possibly going back to Alexander The Great. Ancient Romans ate the leaves, stems, roots, and flower buds as vegetables. Leaves are comparable to a mild-flavored parsley, and are tasty in salad or used as an herb. Large, yellow-flowered umbel blooms are highly…

  • Amaranth, Miriah Leaf (Organic)

    Amaranth, Miriah Leaf (Organic)


    Amaranthus tricolor. Leaf. 25-50 days. A beautiful red-veined green leaf amaranth for salad and cooking. The leaf backs of Miriah Leaf are all red, adding a unique color to salad. A heat tolerant spinach substitute that is popular in Asia and Latin America. Also good cooked or pickled. Years ago we tasted a kimchi made…

  • Tuscan Arugula

    Arugula, Tuscan (Organic)


    Eruca sativa. 24 days baby, 40 days full. Big thick leaves with excellent flavor and very cold hardy. For those who like their arugula to have a little kick, Tuscan has a spicier flavor than common varieties such as Astro. Some plants have strap-like leaves, others are lobed. Seed Ambassador Kayla Preece collected this variety…

  • Organic Cardoon, Plein Blanc Inerme Blanco seed

    Cardoon, Plein Blanc Inerme Blanco (Organic)


    Cynara cardunculus. Perennial in zones 7-10. Related to the artichoke but grown instead for the leaf midribs (technically petioles) that are eaten after blanching. White, thornless leaf midribs grow tall and are extra thick. Vigorous upright growth results in partial self-blanching, giving Plein Blanc Inerme Blanco Cardoon a higher culinary value than more traditional varieties….

  • organic chervil great green seed
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    Chervil, Great Green (Organic)


    Anthriscus cerefolium. 30-60 days. Biennial in zones 3-9. Chervil is a useful and unfailing winter herb that deserves to be more commonly grown. Flavor is reminiscent of fennel with lots of sweet, subtle notes. A carrot relative, its leaves are similar and almost fern-like. We grow it in full sun, but it thrives in part…

  • organic Gelber Nussler Corn Salad seed

    Corn Salad, Gelber Nüssler (Organic)


    Valerianella sp. 55 days. Nüssler is the common name for corn salad in German-speaking Switzerland, where we picked up this tasty and nutritious gem on our Seed Ambassadors travels many years ago. Light-green (almost golden) leaves have very mild flavor and form a small rosette which is harvested whole or occasionally as cut-and-come-again salad greens…

  • Corn Salad, Granon (Organic)


    Valerianella locusta. 35 days. Granon is a standby variety of corn salad that grows well year-round in cool climates, but is best known as a winter salad green for both outdoor and indoor production. Plants produce a small rosette (think baby greens size) that may be harvested whole or by cutting individual leaves for cut-and-come-again…

  • Organic Piedmont Corn Salad SeedOrganic Piedmont Corn Salad Seed

    Corn Salad, Piedmont (Organic)


    Valerianella locusta. 45 days. Winter hardy, yet tender and mild flavored salad green that has a nice subtle hint of nuttiness with a floral perfume. Plants form a small rosette of strap-shaped, light-green, 4″ leaves. Usually grown autumn through spring, the very hardy plants easily overwinter in our field. Piedmont is a large seeded, larger…

  • Organic Kenikir Cosmos seed

    Cosmos, Kenikir (Organic)


    Cosmos sulphureus. Bright yellow, 2-3″ wide flowers are like little stars in the garden. Bushy plants grow to 4’ wide and tall, and bloom all season long in the Pacific Northwest. In other latitudes, or when planted mid summer, Kenikir cosmos can grow to greater heights and flower later due to their day length sensitivity….

  • Cress, Dutch Broadleaf

    Cress, Dutch Broadleaf (Organic)


    Lepidium sativum. 30 days. Very large, broad leaves for a garden cress, with nice wavy edges. Fairly slow to bolt. Good hot mustard flavor reminiscent of wasabi without too much spice. Makes a substantial addition to salad mix. Dutch Broadleaf cress is great on sandwiches, and we especially enjoy its peppery addition to BLTs. An…

  • Organic Greek Cress seed

    Cress, Greek (Organic)


    Lepidium sativum. 20 days. A delightfully pungent addition to salads, Greek Cress is a type of garden cress (aka, pepper grass) that is easy to grow and thrives in cool weather. Best when young, its delicate, frilly leaves contribute a hot mustardy flavor and it’s a great green to use for cut-and-come-again salads. May also…

  • Delicious Diversity Mesclun Mix

    Delicious Diversity Mesclun Mix (Organic)


    30-60 days. One of the easiest ways to celebrate edible plant diversity is to put it in your salad mix. This is our chosen salad mix for most of the year – except the hottest months. Mixed for deliciousness and beauty, with colors ranging from dark red to vivid green. Also very hardy for winter…

  • Organic Doucette d'Alger SeedDoucette d'Alger / Horn of Plenty

    Doucette d’Alger / Horn of Plenty (Organic)


    Fedia cornucopiae. 30-40 days. A delicious walnut flavored, tender salad green. Doucette d’Alger is a cousin of corn salad with larger leaves and can be used in a similar manner, however it is a hot weather loving plant that thrives in mid-summer. Flowers are an attractive lilac color that bees find highly desirable. While rare…

  • Organic Lambsquarter Magenta Spreen Seed

    Lambsquarter, Magenta Spreen (Organic)


    Chenopodium giganteum. 30 days baby, 60 days full. An exciting relative of spinach, quinoa and wild lambsquarters. The young plants have a great mild tangy flavor. Light green leaves have a shimmering magenta color in the leaf centers. Excellent in salad when young, or lightly cooked as a pot herb, stir fry green, or any…

  • Organic Miner's Lettuce Claytonia seedsClaytonia Miner's Lettuce

    Miner’s Lettuce (Organic)


    Claytonia perfoliata. 30-55 days. This cool-weather salad green is native to the West Coast of North America, and Native Americans there have long valued it for food and medicine. Small plants prefer to grow autumn through spring and will regrow after multiple harvests. Leaves grow in pairs that slowly fuse together as they mature. Satisfying…

  • Bitter Is Better Chicory Mix

    Mix, Bitter Is Better (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus and Cichorium endivia. 30-60 days. Inspired by the delightful Sagra di Radicchio in Seattle, we bring you Bitter Is Better! This seed blend is a celebration of the Cichorium family of delicious, sweet, bitter greens and includes a diverse selection of chicory, radicchio, escarole, and endive. Leaf types vary from frisée to broad-leafed,…

  • Red Flash OrachOrach Red Flash

    Orach, Red Flash (Organic)


    Atriplex hortensis. 40-50 days. We first learned about orach during our time at Horton Road Organics where its shocking red leaves were a key ingredient in their famous salad mix. Red Flash is a European selection that is a great salad mix variety with delightful magenta red leaves. The undersides of the lovely, heart-shaped leaves…

  • Organic Buckshorn Plantain Seed

    Plantain, Buck’s Horn (Organic)


    Plantago coronopus. Perennial. Tender crispness with a wonderful nutty flavor and succulent texture. A traditional European green, it survives the harshest winter weather here in Oregon. Plants are perennial and re-grow after cutting. A cultivated species related to the common edible garden weed. Narrow, strappy leaves have some antler-like forking, referenced in one of its…

  • Purslane, French Green Leaf (Organic)


    Portulaca oleracea sativa. 50 days. Similar to Munich purslane, but with darker green leaves and thinner stems. French Green Leaf slightly resembles wild purslane but is distinctly different as it grows very upright for easy cutting, and leaves and stems are more succulent with a milder flavor. This variety makes a nice crunchy addition to…

  • purslane munich organic seedOrganic Munich Purslane seed

    Purslane, Munich (Organic)


    Portulaca oleracea sativa. 50 days. Munich Purslane is a summer salad green with great texture and heat tolerance. Not the weedy relative, this grows tall and sets seed late. It also has much better flavor compared to wild purslane. High in Omega-3 fatty acids, it adds a citrusy tang to summer salads. Its character seems…

  • Taiwanese QuinoaQuinoa Taiwanese

    Quinoa, Taiwanese (Organic)


    Chenopodium formosanum. 120-130 days. Easy to grow plants are similar to lambsquarters, with a unique pink coloration. Very heat tolerant. The magic happens when they grow over 6′ tall, producing beautiful long trailing flower heads. Flower heads resemble Love Lies Bleeding amaranth and similarly make great cut flowers. Late to mature seed but the plants…

  • Salad Burnet Organic Seed

    Salad Burnet (Organic)


    Sanguisorba minor. Perennial. Salad Burnet is a delightful salad green, sometimes added to mixed salads in Europe where it is native. The flavor is a nice accent in salad mix as it tastes like cucumbers. Cute, pinnately compound leaves always receive the question, “Oh, what is that?” We love it for its hardiness and tasty…

  • Scorzonera, Hoffman's Schwarze Pfahl (Organic)

    Scorzonera, Hoffman’s Schwarze Pfahl (Organic)


    Scorzonera hispanica. This root vegetable has black skin and mild-flavored white flesh. Leaves provide reliable winter greens, and bright yellow flowers in second year are edible. That’s right: three vegetables in one! Not only is this a standby and delicious winter food, but it is a true perennial perfect for the permaculture garden. We found…

  • Shungiku, Komi (Organic)

    Shungiku, Komi (Organic)


    Chrysanthemum coronarium. A deeply serrated leaf Shungiku with long stems and mild favor. Usually cultivated similarly to broccoli raab and harvested into bunches. With its delicious mild floral flavor, shungiku is something between an herb and a vegetable; we like to add it to stir fry, beans, omelets, soups – just about anything. Smaller leaves…