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  • Organic Bozeman Watermelon Seed

    Watermelon, Bozeman (Organic)


    Citrullus lanatus. 70-80 days. Light-green skinned watermelon with some speckles. Oblong fruit are large (10-30 lbs) for such an early melon. Good flavor with pink-red flesh. Bozeman ripens well in our cooler Oregon summers with similar maturity to other early watermelons like Blacktail Mountain and Early Moonbeam. Thick rind enables long storage, providing delicious, crisp…

  • Organic Chou Cheh Red Watermelon Seeds

    Watermelon, Chou Cheh Red (Organic)


    Citrullus lanatus. 75-80 days. Chou Cheh Red has been lauded as the “Best. Watermelon. Ever.” and “sweetest” watermelon by some of our seed growing friends, and when fellow seed folk get behind a variety we listen! In addition to its addictive sweetness, we were pleasantly surprised to discover the relatively early yields even with so…

  • Organic Early Moonbeam Watermelon SeedOrganic Early Moonbeam Watermelon Seed

    Watermelon, Early Moonbeam (Organic)


    Citrullus lanatus. 75 days. Delicious, sweet, yellow-fleshed watermelon. 3-8 lb fruit have attractive, light-green skin with dark-green tiger stripes, which makes them easy to tell apart from the red watermelons. An early maturing variety that is cool weather tolerant, always ripens in our short growing season, and is always sweet – may be the sweetest…

  • Watermelon, Katanya (Organic)


    Citrullus lanatus.  75 days. Round, ice box type fruit reach 10-15 lbs, and average 10″ in diameter. Dark green, nearly black rind. Fruit have a pinkish red, sweet flesh that is quite a treat. This Russian heirloom is early and vines are quite vigorous, producing a lot of fruit until frost. Comparable to Blacktail Mountain…

  • Organic Nancy Watermelon seedOrganic Nancy Watermelon seed

    Watermelon, Nancy (Organic)


    Citrullus lanatus. 90 days. The quintessential watermelon – classic flavor and so sweet! Green striped, oval fruit with pink flesh and white seeds grow to 25 lbs. Thin rind means you can eat almost all the way to the skin, however it also means that it does not store super long or travel very well….

  • Watermelon, Winter King and Queen (Organic)

    Watermelon, Winter King and Queen (Organic)


    Citrullus lanatus. 90-100 days. A unique and rare winter keeper type watermelon. With light-green skin and pink-red flesh, these melons have a good sweetness and excellent flavor. Some refer to this type as a Christmas watermelon because once picked, it can be stored into December. We have eaten them for Thanksgiving and later into winter….