Hardneck Seed Garlic


Thank you for a great garlic season! As of Friday, September 29th, 2023 all garlic and shallot varieties are sold out and will not return to stock until Aug/Sept 2024.

We are excited to offer garlic varieties that fit with our mission of Bringing Biodiversity Back! We have experience growing all of these varieties ourselves, finding each of them to be productive, interesting, and delicious. We invite you to dive deeper into garlic diversity and try some of these great varieties this year!

In addition to growing shallots and garlic right here at Adaptive Seeds, we are pleased to now offer certified organic seed garlic produced by Sauvie Island Growers in Portland, Oregon, Persephone Farm in Lebanon, Oregon, and Garlicana in collaboration with Myrtle Creek Farm in Myrtle Creek, Oregon.

Garlic is a wonderful and easy to grow crop that is best planted September through November in our part of Oregon and throughout much of the US. For growing info, check out our ‘Adaptive Guide to Growing Garlic‘ over on The Seed Ambassadors blog.

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  • Donostia Red Garlic
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    Donostia Red Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Hardneck Creole type Donostia Red is from a market in the city of Donostia, also known as San Sebastián, located in the Basque autonomous community of Spain. Like all Creole garlic types, it is from Basque Country and not Louisiana, despite the name association. Donostia Red has 8-12 crimson cloves on smallish bulbs with white…

  • Organic Hadrut Garlic Seed
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    Hadrut Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Hardneck Porcelain type Hadrut garlic is a classic porcelain type hardneck in most traits: It has a bright spicy raw flavor that mellows to become mild and earthy when roasted, with 5-8 large pungent cloves per bulb that are easy to peel and very juicy near harvest. As with most porcelain garlic varieties, Hadrut is…

  • Organic Jupiter Garlic Seed
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    Jupiter Seed Garlic Organic

    Jupiter Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Hardneck Marbled type Jupiter is the most impressive garlic we have come across in a long time. Large, beautifully purple marbled bulbs contain an average of 4-6 big, dense, sulfurous cloves. The raw flavor is bold and pungent while not being super hot. When cooked Jupiter keeps that garlicky richness common to marbled types. Plants…

  • Organic Khabar Garlic seed
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    Organic Khabar Garlic Seed

    Khabar Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Hardneck Marbled type Khabar garlic is a strong flavored, high yielding, and reliable variety. Stocky plants with light green leaves produce big, thick garlic scapes. The flavor is fairly hot with a lingering pungency that mellows nicely when roasted. Plants are medium to late maturity, which helps them miss the worst of garlic rust issues….

  • Music Seed Garlic
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    Music Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Hardneck Porcelain type Music garlic has become the porcelain type garlic for other varieties to live up to. It consistently produces high yields of large, pure white bulbs with 6-8 pungent cloves per bulb. Extra large clove size makes it quick to process in the kitchen and also an excellent garlic variety for roasting whole. …

  • Organic Shvelisi Garlic seed
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    Organic Shvelisi Seed Garlic marbled hardneck

    Shvelisi Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Hardneck Purple Stripe type Shvelisi garlic is a very nice hardneck variety originally from the village of Skhvilisi in the Republic of Georgia. With a strong rich flavor it is good for almost any purpose. Famous for its sweet flavor when roasted, it is also good raw (although some may find it a little too…

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    Surprise Sampler Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Softneck and Hardneck types Can’t decide which variety to grow? Have limited garden space and would prefer smaller quantities of multiple types? Well, this is the option for you! Some hardneck, some softneck. Each 1/2 lb bag includes an assortment of 3-5 bulbs. 1 lb bags include up to 8 bulbs, and we promise to…

  • Organic Vekan Vekak seed garlic
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    Organic Vekan Vekak seed garlic

    Vekan Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Hardneck Glazed type We love Vekan garlic for its beautiful purple hue, and certainly for its rich pungent flavor. Definitely one of the best Glazed type hardneck garlics. A large, high yielding variety that is very consistent year to year. The shiny pink clove skins are easy to peel with 10-14 cloves per bulb. It…

  • Yuggoth seed Garlic Organic
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    Yuggoth Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Hardneck unique type / unclassified Named after a fictional planet, Yuggoth Garlic is a strange and special beast. It may appear from a distance that the bright white bulbs with occasional purple striping is just your average garlic. It is anything but. The distinctive, perfectly round shape hides purple-skinned cloves that fit together like a…