Annual Flowers

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  • Organic Ageratum Dondo Blue seedOrganic Dondo Blue Ageratum seed

    Ageratum, Dondo Blue (Organic)


    Ageratum houstonianum. 45 days. Tiny fuzzy purple flowers form in nice sized clusters on long stems making a great filler for bouquets. Long season makes it great for the garden, too! Many modern ageratums have been bred to be dwarf bedding plants, but Dondo Blue maintains the taller stature loved for cut flower production. Stems…

  • Organic Copperhead Grain Amaranth Seed

    Amaranth, Copperhead (Organic)


    Amaranthus sp. Flower/Grain. 45 days leaf; 90 grain. A stunning early maturing variety that grows 4-7′ tall and has light tan, almost golden colored seeds. With its very ornamental, large, orange seed heads, Copperhead Amaranth will certainly become a focal point in the garden. We love it when staple food crops double as ornamentals. Similar…

  • Coral Fountain Amaranth

    Amaranth, Coral Fountain (Organic)


    Amaranthus caudatus. Flower. 65 days. Coral Fountain Amaranth is similar to the beloved Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth, with its long flowing pendulum type flower heads, but the flowers are a lovely coral-peach color instead of magenta. Plants grow 4-5′ tall with flowers reaching downward to the ground. Makes a great cut flower and also works…

  • Green Tails Amaranth
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    Amaranth, Green Tails (Organic)


    Amaranthus caudatus.  Flower. 75 days. We wanted to change the name to Envy Lies Bleeding because it looks so much like the red variety, Love Lies Bleeding. But, Green Tails it is. Long, lime green flower tails form on plants that grow 4-5′ tall. When planted in rows it makes a nice backdrop wall to…

  • Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

    Amaranth, Love Lies Bleeding (Organic)


    Amaranthus caudatus. Flower. 65 days. This popular ornamental has long streaming magenta flowers that are very nice as a long lasting cut flower. Love Lies Bleeding is a great crop in the summer heat and tolerates neglect very well. Yields tan edible seeds with a slight pink hue. Occasionally self seeds and can return through…

  • Organic Oeschberg Amaranth SeedOrganic Oeschberg Amaranth Seed

    Amaranth, Oeschberg (Organic)


    Amaranthus cruentus. Flower. 70 days. Oeschberg is an amazing deep purple-red amaranth that is darker than Love Lies Bleeding, but with an upright growth habit. Seed heads are very highly branched and hold their color longer than other varieties, making it great for flower arrangements. Plants are a bit short for an upright amaranth at…

  • Sweet Annie Artemisia annua

    Artemisia, Sweet Annie (Organic)


    Artemisia annua. 120 days. We first became acquainted with Sweet Annie when we worked at Hayhurst Valley Organic Farm and Nursery, where our boss, talented farmer Kate Wilen, made beautiful garlic braids, everlasting bouquets, and wreaths. Sweet Annie, with its long, pliable branches, beautiful fragrance and delicate light green, ferny foliage provides an ideal wreath…

  • Giants of California Aster

    Aster, Giants of California (Organic)


    Callistephus chinensis. 90 days. Intense pom-poms of double, daisylike flowers in bright and light pink, lavender, and white, providing a different color palette than other flowers we offer. The colors are so vivid it looks like someone turned the pastel saturation all the way up on grandma’s old TV. Flowers hold a long time both…

  • Organic Lady Coral Light Blue Aster seedsOrganic Lady Coral Light Blue Aster seeds

    Aster, Lady Coral Light Blue (Organic)


    Callistephus chinensis. 85 days. If you saw these flowers blooming under the surface of an alien planet’s warm water sea, you might assume you were looking at a novel species of sea-anemone-coral hybrid. Alluring pale blue flowers seem to turn a shade of pink when the sunlight hits just right. Slightly inward-curling petals are Chrysanthemum-like…

  • Aster, Matsumoto Striped Adaptive MixAster, Matsumoto Striped Adaptive Mix

    Aster, Matsumoto Striped Adaptive Mix (Organic)


    Callistephus chinensis. 85 days. We received this strain as a supposed purple striped selection and it appears to have been a hybrid. After a few years of selection, all plants are striped but the color varies throughout the population, and we like it that way. They are all semi-double, 2″ wide, white striped flowers that…

  • Bachelor’s Button, Black Ball (Organic)


    Centaurea cyanus. 70 days. Super dark maroon flowers really catch your eye in the garden and in bouquets. Flowers bloom from June to September, covering plants with 2″ double flowers. Plants grow to 3′ tall and may need staking. Young shoots are edible, flowers can be eaten raw or cooked, florets can be used as…

  • Blue Jubilee Gem Bachelor ButtonBlue Jubilee Gem Bachelor Button

    Bachelor’s Button, Blue Jubilee Gem (Organic)


    Centaurea cyanus. 60 days. Bachelor’s Buttons deserve a place in every garden. They are easy-to-grow, make a nice little cut flower, and pollinators love them. Blue Jubilee Gem’s frilly blossoms reach 2” across and are a lovely periwinkle blue, the most common bachelor’s button color. The semi-dwarf plants grow to about 2′ and bloom over…

  • Bachelor Button, Mauve Ball

    Bachelor’s Button, Mauve Ball (Organic)


    Centaurea cyanus. 65 Days. A mauve/lilac purple version of the classic Bachelor’s Button. Plants grow to 36″ with fully double flowers on long, sturdy stems that make a great addition to bouquets. Blooms early and keeps going right up until frost, providing a great mid-summer to late season nectar source for pollinators. May be sown…

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    Bells of Ireland (Organic)


    Moluccella laevis. 90 days. A garden classic that has been featured in bouquets since before green flowers were cool, Bells of Ireland has been cultivated since the 1500s! Highly branched plants produce many spires of lime green, bell-shaped “flowers” that grow to 18” to three feet tall. The actual flowers are tiny and white, and…

  • Calendula, Bronzed Beauty (Organic)


    Calendula officinalis. 60 days. Pale peach with some copper undertones, Bronzed Beauty Calendula offers a unique coloration when compared to the standard orange and yellow calendula color spectrum. Petals are cream on the top and coppery red on the back. Flower center is a nice chocolate brown. This variety is great for people who want…

  • Organic Erferter Calendula SeedOrganic Erfurter Orange Calendula Seed

    Calendula, Erfurter (Organic)


    Calendula officinalis. 65-70 days. Perennial in zones 8-10. Fully double, bright orange flowers on 18-24” plants. Erfurter is a preferred variety for commercial production in the US, with larger flowers and a somewhat higher resin content than Resina. Also blooms profusely, but not as prolifically as Resina. Petals can be used to make a natural…

  • Organic Resina Calendula Seed

    Calendula, Resina (Organic)


    Calendula officinalis. 60-65 days. Perennial in zones 8-10. A very fine strain of calendula for medicinal use, and as a self-sowing, short-lived perennial flower. Highly productive plants produce medium-sized flowers with two rows of resin-rich petals. Plants have either soft orange or bright yellow flowers with small centers. Fairly hardy in our climate, Resina often…

  • Organic California Poppy Copper Pot Seed

    California Poppy, Copper Pot (Organic)


    Eschscholzia californica. Annual/Perennial in zones 8-10. A unique strain of California Poppy with satiny petals that are mostly dark red on the bottoms and deep dark orange on the tops. Since flowers open and close with the sun, the flower color appears to change from red in the early mornings to coppery by day then…

  • Golden West California PoppyGolden West California Poppy

    California Poppy, Golden West (Organic)


    Eschscholzia californica. Annual/Perennial in zones 8-10. This beautiful strain of the California state flower has been available since the early 1920s. Compact plants have ferny greyblue foliage and grow to 18″ tall. Light golden flowers have orange centers. Blossoms seem like beacons to native pollinators, especially bumblebees. Flowers open with the sun and close in…

  • Celosia, Flamingo Feather (Organic)


    Celosia argentea var. spicata. 60 days. Perennial in zones 10-11. Feathery silver/white flower spikes develop into a light pink that gets darker towards the tips. Soft texture begs to be touched and looks phenomenal in arrangements. A wheatstraw type, Flamingo Feather Celosia plants grow to 4’ tall producing many branches (up to 40!), each with…

  • organic celosia magenta forest fire seed

    Celosia, Magenta Forest Fire (Organic)


    Celosia argentea var. plumosa. 60 days. Annual. Deep magenta flame-like flower spikes are dynamic in the garden and make a nice addition to landscaping and mixed containers. Dark red-bronze leaves complement the flower heads to provide color contrast and texture all season long. Magenta Forest Fire’s vibrant color, strong stems, and abundant side shoots make…

  • Bodegold Chamomilebodegold chamomile Flowers

    Chamomile, Bodegold (Organic)


    Matricaria recutita. Bodegold is an improved German variety of chamomile with higher essential oil content, high yields, large flowers, and more uniform habit. The truly special trait of this variety is its delicious, sweet aroma that is significantly sweeter than other chamomile varieties. White petaled flowers have fragrant yellow centers. Chamomile is commonly used as…

  • zloty lan chamomile

    Chamomile, Zloty Lan (Organic)


    Matricaria recutita. A unique Polish tetraploid variety. Tetraploid plants naturally have more cell chromosomes which usually results in larger and more vigorous plants. Zloty Lan is certainly bigger and higher yielding with a strong, tall growth habit. We find it has a wonderful aroma that is somewhat less sweet than Bodegold. The dried flowers steeped…

  • Crimson Clover Cover Crop
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    Clover, Crimson (Organic)


    Trifolium incarnatum. An excellent winter or spring cover crop known primarily for its nitrogen fixing properties and high biomass production. Large, strikingly beautiful crimson flowers appear in the late spring and are great food for bees and other pollinators. In regions where the winter stays above 0°F, Crimson Clover is sown in the late summer…

  • Dwarf Red CoreopsisDwarf Red Coreopsis

    Coreopsis, Dwarf Red (Organic)


    Coreopsis tinctoria. Annual coreopsis with dark red blooms. These small plants grow to about 1′ in all directions. They fit perfectly in tight spaces where a splash of color is desired, and look great in a pot on the porch. We like that the plants care for themselves with little help, and are very attractive…

  • Coreopsis, Tall Plains (Organic)


    Coreopsis tinctoria. Tall Plains coreopsis is the true original of the coreopsis clan. The plants are loaded with bright yellow flowers that have dark maroon centers. Blooms reach 2” across, petals have nice jagged edges. Plants grow to 3′ with ferny foliage. A great low maintenance addition to the flower garden, with a sea of…

  • Coreopsis, Tiger Mix (Organic)


    Coreopsis tinctoria. Most plants grow to 30″ and produce daisy-like flowers with red centers and vibrant yellow edges. There is some slight variation in bloom types, including all red and more pinnate petals. Very attractive filler in flower bouquets. Pollinators and other beneficial insects also love them. Blossoms can be used to make a yellow…

  • Buddha's hand Cosmos

    Cosmos, Buddha’s Hand (Organic)


    Cosmos sulphureus. Mostly semi-double, fiery orange blooms on 3-4′ tall plants that flower early. A favorite of bumblebees. We have been growing this variety ever since our days as farm apprentices in 2004 and we hope to keep it around for the long haul. Originating from a mysterious single plant with a hand written tag…