Broccoli & Cauliflower

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  • Organic Blue Star Gai Lan broccoli seedBlue Star Gai Lan Chinese Broccoli

    Broccoli, Blue Star Gai Lan (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 45-60 days. Our favorite variety of Chinese broccoli chosen from trials that included eight contestants. We like Blue Star’s moderately thick stems, incredible flavor, and easy-to-grow nature. Small plants send up stems up to 1″ thick, with small broccoli-like clusters on top. Due to the small stature, Gai Lan should be grown at…

  • Nutribud Broccoli Organic Seed

    Broccoli, Nutribud (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 55-70 days. A great open pollinated broccoli bred in Oregon by plant breeder Dr. Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds. Nutribud is the broccoli to grow for flavor. The sweetest, richest and possibly the most nutritious broccoli for spring and fall. Deep-green florets, central head and prolific side shoots make this an excellent variety…

  • Piracicaba Broccoli Seed

    Broccoli, Piracicaba (Organic)


    A heat-tolerant, small heading broccoli similar to broccolini. Where it really shines is not in its initial small head, but in the endless tasty side shoot production. Piracicaba Broccoli’s small shoots and loose florets make it seem like it could be the primordial ancestor of modern supermarket hybrid broccoli.

  • Red Arrow Purple Sprouting BroccoliRed Arrow Purple Sprouting Broccoli

    Broccoli, Red Arrow Purple Sprouting (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 210-240 days. Overwintering purple sprouting broccoli (PSB) is a very special treat for mild winter climate zones. Along with overwintering cauliflower, PSB is a superb food source during the hunger gap of March – April (at least for those of us whose winters do not usually drop below 15°F). With clusters of vibrant…

  • Organic Umpqua Broccoli Seed

    Broccoli, Umpqua (Organic)


    With its sublime blue-green color, Umpqua Broccoli looks delicious even from a distance. The robust plants have good side shoot production.

  • cauliflower prestige
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    Cauliflower, Prestige (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 200+ days. Overwintering cauliflower is one of the best kept secrets of the vegetable world. So tasty and so productive, it comes on right when it is needed during the spring hunger gap. Living in the Pacific Northwest, which is one of the few places on the planet where it can be easily…

  • Organic Purple Cape Cauliflower seed
    Cauliflower, Purple Cape

    Cauliflower, Purple Cape (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 200+ days. This overwintering purple cauliflower is another great crop for the hunger gap of late spring. Purple Cape, when sown in June or July, produces deep purple heads the following February through March. Produces much larger heads and more food than overwintering purple sprouting broccoli, and we are so happy to be…