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  • Fennel, Mantovano (Organic)

    Fennel, Mantovano (Organic)


    Foeniculum vulgare. 75 days.

    A superior bulbing/Florence fennel that placed very high out of 14 fennel varieties in the 2015 Northern Organic Vegetable Improvement Collaborative (NOVIC) taste tests. Bulbs mature in about 75 days from spring sowing but can also be summer planted for fall harvest. Bulbs hold in the field for weeks – they seem to just get fatter the longer they are in the ground. Mantovano is great when young & tender, but we really like it at its full grown size when we cook it in just about everything: I know this is blasphemy to most folks but fennel can be a fun substitute for onions in many dishes – when sliced thinly the texture is similar & the flavor can be a nice change for those of us who don’t love onions (like Sarah).

  • Fennel, Selma Fino (Organic)

    Fennel, Selma Fino (Organic)


    Foeniculum vulgare. 80 days.

    A superior bulbing/Florence fennel with excellent anise-like flavor that mellows with cooking. Selma Fino takes about 80 days to form full-sized bulbs, however it can be harvested sooner at a smaller size. The very white bulbs are fairly uniform and won’t prematurely bolt if planted in spring. Tops can be used as a fresh herb, adding a very mellow fennel seed flavor to dishes or salads. Unique when compared to other bulb type fennel, some Selma plants can perennialize.