Biennial Flowers

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  • Angelica archangelica

    Angelica (Organic)


    Angelica archangelica. 208-365 days. Biennial in zones 4-9. Angelica is one of those plants that seems ancient and archetypical. Plants are reminiscent of cow parsnip with similar large white-flowered umbels. Big, lobed leaves atop long hollow stems have a perfumed, sweet scent and flavor. Medicinal, ornamental and edible, Angelica is a plant that has been…

  • Organic Campanula, Dinner Bells seeds

    Campanula, Dinner Bells (Organic)


    Campanula medium. Biennial. Bell-shaped, 2-3″ flowers are good stuffed or whole in salad. Selected for edible flowers which are purple or white and pleasantly peppery. Biennial that blooms only in its second year, but flowers profusely and is well worth the wait. A type of Canterbury Bells Campanula selected by Tim Peters of Peters Seed…

  • EP1 Evening Primrose

    Evening Primrose, EP-10 (Organic)


    Oenothera biennis. Biennial. Produces 2″ yellow, sweetly fragrant flowers on 3-5′ tall central stalks from June to September in second year. Leaves and roots are edible, with a peppery taste. Flowers are edible and sweet, may be added to salads or used as a garnish, and are attractive to pollinators. Roots, bark, and seedpods are…

  • Organic Excelsior Mix Foxglove seedExcelsior Foxglove

    Foxglove, Excelsior Mix (Organic)


    Digitalis purpurea. Biennial / Perennial in zones 4-9. Beautiful spires of bell-shaped flowers that range in color from white to pink and bloom in their second year. Bigger flowers with more bold colors than the wild foxglove that is established throughout the Pacific Northwest. Blooms in early June for us. Flower spires grow to 6′…

  • Organic Lemon Bergamot SeedsOrganic Lemon Bergamot Seeds

    Monarda, Lemon Bergamot (Organic)


    Monarda citridoria. Annual or fall-sown biennial. Lemon Bergamot Monarda achieves the garden trifecta of being an ornamental, culinary/medicinal, and insectary plant. Tubular purple flowers form in clusters around the stem, with two to six clusters along each stem. Perhaps most well known as an herbal flavoring for tea, leaves have a citrusy aroma and flavor…

  • Dense Flowered MulleinMullein, Dense-Flowered

    Mullein, Dense-Flowered (Organic)


    Verbascum densiflorum. Biennial. Beautiful and burly, Dense-Flowered mullein produces lots of easily harvestable pale yellow flowers and sage green leaves for medicinal use and is pretty enough to grow as an insectary or ornamental. Easy to grow. Mullein is said to have a soothing effect on a dry cough, and a tincture made from the…

  • Holborn Glory Sweet William

    Sweet William, Holborn Glory (Organic)


    Dianthus barbatus. Biennial / Perennial in zones 3-9. Dark pink and white, candy striped flowers. Small, 1″ wide, single blooms appear in saucer-sized clusters atop 2′ tall, sturdy stems. The flowers bloom over a long season without deadheading and are highly desired by butterflies and bumblebees. If the plants are cut back low to the…