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  • Adaptive Seeds Cool Season Lettuce Mix

    Adaptive Seeds Cool Season Lettuce Mix (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. 28 days. Seasonal lettuce mixes are a great way to achieve culinary and growing success. This mix is best sown in spring (March-April) and autumn (September-October), and includes varieties that have shown excellence in our spring and fall lettuce trials. All varieties will germinate in diverse soil conditions and are cool weather tolerant….

  • Adaptive Seeds Summer Lettuce Mix (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. 28 days. Features varieties that have performed well in our hot weather lettuce trials. Includes crisphead, romaine, oak leaf, and butterhead varieties, making this mix work well for head lettuce or cut-and-come-again salad mix production. We recommend this mix for summer sowings in the Pacific Northwest.

  • organic Bijella lettuce seedorganic Bijella lettuce seed

    Lettuce, Bijella (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Green Red. 25 days baby; 50 full. Curly, red-tipped, green oak leaf lettuce produces compact, denser heads than many other oak leaf varieties, making it ideal for market displays. Quick and easy to chop or tear into a delicious salad with the perfect loft. Suitable for baby leaf production. Sweet and aromatic flavor…

  • Carnival lettuce

    Lettuce, Carnival (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Red Oak Leaf. 30 days baby; 55 full. A fantastic and strange oak leaf lettuce, like some kind of traveling circus. Lime greens and pinks swirled together on leaves pointing in all directions come together to make Carnival very unique. Narrow leaves are similar to Canary Tongue but with a nice red blush….

  • Lettuce, Cerise Oak Leaf (Organic)

    Lettuce, Cerise Oak Leaf (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Red Oak Leaf. 30 days baby; 55 full. An excellent red oak leaf and great for salad mix. Vigorous and slow to bolt with good, sweet flavor, especially for a red lettuce. Fairly resistant to downy mildew. Dark-red pigmented anthocyanins fight the diseases of cold, wet weather and provide good color contrast in…

  • Lettuce, Florence (Organic)

    Lettuce, Florence (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Green Oak Leaf. 30 days baby; 55 full. Bright green oak leaf lettuce has the crisp texture of a romaine. The surprising sweet crunch made us think about dividing the oak leaf lettuce category into butter oaks and crisp oaks, but that is another conversation. The dense heads resist bolting in the field,…

  • Organic Fristina Lettuce SeedOrganic Fristina Lettuce Seed

    Lettuce, Fristina (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Green Oak Leaf. 25 days baby; 60 full. Produces large, dense heads of deeply serrated oak leaves great for cut-and-come-again salads. Fristina is so deeply cut it almost looks like a frisée endive. When the heads are medium sized, they can be cut about an inch above the base, the handful of lettuce…

  • Lettuce, Galisse (Organic)

    Lettuce, Galisse (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Green Oak Leaf. 30 days baby; 55 full. Very reliable, compact green oak leaf, perfect for heads or salad mix. This was a commercial standard until recently, when it was replaced by patented varieties that are almost identical. If you want a solid, open-source green oak leaf, this is for you. Not only…

  • Organic Morgana Oakleaf Lettuce seedOrganic Morgana Oakleaf Lettuce seed

    Lettuce, Morgana (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Red Oak Leaf. 30 days baby; 55 full. Red and green semi-oak leaf heads have some arrowhead/canary tongue shape. The sweet juicy flavor, cold and heat tolerance, as well as the large and vigorous plants, all come together to make this one a favorite. Great for salad mix and for unique full-sized heads….

  • Organic Oscarde Lettuce seed
    Organic Oscarde Lettuce seed

    Lettuce, Oscarde (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Red Oak Leaf. 30 days baby; 55 full. The red oakleaf lettuce that really got the organic salad mix game going! Oscarde Lettuce has the great combination of dark cherry-red outer leaves with ultra fine red-brown dappling on inner leaf areas, becoming green at the heart. This makes Oscarde look good even when…

  • Lettuce, Smile (Organic)

    Lettuce, Smile (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Green Oak Leaf. 30 days baby; 55 full. Great for salad mix production and also heads up nicely for the perfect sized salad at home. The bright green color and sweet flavor coupled with the soft delicious texture make Smile a standout variety. Similar in appearance to Galisse but with the ability to…