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  • Spinach, Giant Winter (Organic)

    Spinach, Giant Winter (Organic)

    Spinacia oleracea.

    The most reliable, proven spinach for winter production. Leaves can actually get giant, the size of chard leaves. Sweet flavored leaves are dark-green, slightly triangular and smooth. Perfect for salad mix when baby size and perfect for bunching when full grown. Not particularly great for summer production, but this variety has proven to be a winter staple for us. Can be harvested from under feet of snow and tolerates the Pacific Northwest’s cold rainy winters.

  • Steadfast Spinach

    Spinach, Steadfast (Organic)

    Spinacia oleracea. 50 days.

    The best spinach we have found for late spring/early summer sowings. While not as early as other varieties, it resists bolting later than other varieties, providing a longer harvest window. Smooth, triangular, succulent dark green leaves have a pleasant, mild flavor that is great raw or cooked. Cold-tolerant, too! Highly recommended by Steve Solomon. Thanks to Turtle Tree Seeds for turning us on to this one.

  • Spinach, Verdil (Organic)

    Spinach, Verdil (Organic)

    Spinacia oleracea.

    Giant winter type, suitable for spring, autumn and overwinter cultivation, but not summer. Verdil has a particularly aromatic flavor and is best suited as a raw salad leaf. We were very impressed with this variety’s winter-hardiness. The plants stood in the freezing mud all winter, were at times covered with up to one foot of snow, and were not bothered by slugs. Original seed from German biodynamic seed company Bingenheimer Saatgut.