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  • Abundant Bloomsdale Spinach

    Spinach, Abundant Bloomsdale (Organic)


    Spinacia oleracea. 45 days. Glossy, thick, heavily savoyed, succulent leaves can get large while still maintaining a good, sweet flavor. Very dark green leaves have an upright growth habit for ease of harvest either as baby leaf or when mature. A little slower growing than other spinach but the flavor makes up for it. Plants…

  • Spinach, Giant Winter (Organic)

    Spinach, Giant Winter (Organic)


    Spinacia oleracea. 50 days. The most reliable, proven spinach for winter production. Dark-green, slightly triangular, smooth leaves can get giant, the size of chard leaves. The sweet flavor is perfect for salad mix when baby size and for bunching when fully grown. Not particularly suited for summer production, Giant Winter has proven to be a…

  • Matador Spinach
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    Spinach, Matador (Organic)


    Spinacia oleracea. 28 days baby, 48 full. An excellent deep green spinach for spring and fall production. Relatively heat tolerant, slow to bolt, with excellent flavor. Matador ranked as one of the best tasting in our spinach trials. Round leaves are good harvested small for salad mix, and for bunches once larger. While uncommon in…

  • Spinach, Steadfast (Organic)


    Spinacia oleracea. 50 days. With good warm weather tolerance, this is the best spinach we have found for late spring / early summer sowings. While not as early as others, it resists bolting later than other varieties, providing a longer harvest window. Smooth, triangular, succulent dark green leaves have a pleasant, mild flavor that is…

  • Spinach, Verdil (Organic)

    Spinach, Verdil (Organic)


    Spinacia oleracea. 45 days. Giant winter type, perfect for spring, autumn and overwinter cultivation, but not summer. With a particularly aromatic flavor, its best suited use is raw, although it is also good cooked. We are always impressed with Verdil’s winter hardiness. The plants can stand in the freezing mud all winter and somehow not…