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Celeriac & Celery

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  • Tellus Celeriac

    Celeriac, Tellus (Organic)

    Apium graveolens. 110 days.

    A great old-fashioned celeriac from England. These big vigorous roots are a little darker inside and out, and the leaf stalks have a reddish color. A really delicious heritage variety. Winter hardy down to about 25°F. Most modern celeriac has been bred to have a bright white interior, which is better for looks. Unfortunately, the volatile compounds that give off such a delightful flavor also stain brown when cut. Tellus has a true celeriac flavor because it has not had the flavor bred out of it. We sourced it originally from the Heritage Seed Library in England.

  • Chai Thai Celery Leaf

    Celery, Chai Thai (Organic)

    Apium graveolens. 50-70 days.

    An Asian type that is similar to Chinese celery, but from Thailand. Chai Thai celery has long stems with strongly flavored large, jagged leaves that have a nice golden-green color. Asian celery is often used as a flavoring herb in stews, soups and stir fry dishes. The thin stems are rather different than the thick-stemmed celery most of us are used to. The flavorful leaves are the primary parts of the plant used – a little like celery flavored parsley. In Thailand, celery is one of the more common herbs used in cooking. We have found that Chai Thai grows well when planted in summer for fall harvest. We were sent this variety from Thailand by Sarah’s dad, who currently lives there.

  • Ventura Celery

    Celery, Ventura (Organic)

    Apium graveolens. 80-100 days.

    The classic American celery! An improved Tall Utah type, Ventura celery is named after the town Andrew grew up in. When he was a kid riding his bike around Ventura, California, he saw many fields of celery growing interspersed with strawberry fields and lemon orchards. Once one of the most common workhorse celery varieties, Ventura has recently become less common and has undeservedly been eclipsed by proprietary celery varieties. Ventura is productive and perfect for market farms and gardens alike. It has great sweet flavor with that delicious celery crunch. We find celery tastes better when grown organically, giving it more of that celery zing – especially when given lots of fertility and water. Good fusarium and bolt resistance.

    Seed produced by Pitchfork & Crow in Lebanon, Oregon.