Celeriac & Celery

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  • Celeriac, Tellus (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 110 days. A great old-fashioned celeriac from England. These big, vigorous roots are a little darker than modern varieties both inside and out, and the leaf stalks have a reddish color. Most modern celeriac has been bred to have a bright white interior, which is better for looks. Unfortunately, the volatile compounds that…

  • Chai Thai Celery Leaf

    Celery Leaf, Chai Thai (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 50-70 days. An Asian type that is similar to Chinese celery, but from Thailand. Chai Thai celery has long stems with strongly flavored large, jagged leaves that have a nice golden-green color. Asian celery is often used as a flavoring herb in stews, soups and stir fry dishes. The thin stems are rather…

  • Celery, Hollow Pipe of Malines

    Celery Leaf, Hollow Pipe of Malines (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 70 days. Light-green leaf cutting celery. Grows to 18” and is great in mirepoix and soups. Stems are also usable, but much smaller than those of stalk celery. The flavor packs a punch that is most suitable for cooking; a little goes a long way. This vigorous biennial leaf makes a great addition…

  • White Queen Celery

    Celery Leaf, White Queen (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 70 days. Bright-green, aromatic leaves atop long, skinny, white stems give White Queen a stark visual contrast from the classic western stem celery. Thrives in cool fall weather, overwinters easily, and sometimes grows back vigorously as a second and third year perennial. This leaf celery is a Chinese variety with a strong flavor…

  • Celery, Ventura (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 80-100 days. The classic American celery! An improved Tall Utah type, Ventura celery is named after the town Andrew grew up in. When he was a kid riding his bike around Ventura, California, he saw many fields of celery growing interspersed with strawberry fields and lemon orchards. Once one of the most common…