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  • Armenian Cucumber, Tortarello Abruzzese Bianco

    Armenian Cucumber, Tortarello Abruzzese Bianco (Organic)


    Cucumis melo. Armenian Slicing. 65 days. Light-green, ridged cucumber-like fruit are prolific with a mild flavor that is never bitter. Thin skin does not need to be peeled. Known commonly as Armenian cucumber in North America. Tortarello Abruzzese Bianco produces high yields and one-of-a-kind style. When sliced, ridges on the surface produce pretty cross sections…

  • Cucumber, Addis Pickle (Organic)

    Cucumber, Addis Pickle (Organic)


    Cucumis sativus. Pickling. 55 days. Pickling type that is also great for fresh eating. Addis Pickle cucumber is so productive, Sarah ate one almost every day for lunch from the single (under-watered) plant in the kitchen garden from late July into September. Dark green with white spines, 5–7” cylindrical fruit are good for processing. Bred…

  • Organic Jin Yang #2 Cucumber seedOrganic Jin Yang Cucumber

    Cucumber, Jin Yang #2 (Organic)


    Cucumis sativus. Slicing. 60 days. Dark green, long Chinese trellising type cucumbers average 10-12” long and have very few seeds. Early maturing, crisp texture and good flavor. We grow Jin Yang #2 cucumbers outdoors without a trellis and end up with perfectly good but curved cucumbers; for straight cukes we recommend trellising. Sourced from our…

  • Organic Mideast Peace Cucumber Seed

    Cucumber, Mideast Peace (Organic)


    Cucumis sativus. Slicing. 50-60 days. Middle Eastern/Mediterranean type cucumber – bright green skin, smooth, mild flavor – with amazing sweet flavor, texture, productivity and appearance. Nobody needs to grow the American type of cucumber – dark-green, bumpy, prone to bitterness – when there are delicious gems like this. Thin skin is remarkably tender yet durable….

  • Cucumber, Morden Early Pickling

    Cucumber, Morden Early Pickling (Organic)


    Cucumis sativus. Pickling. 45-50 days. Very early and productive pickling type cucumber. Compact vines are good for container production or those with limited space. Quickly produces lots of fruit, which are great for pickles when small but also delicious sliced and eaten fresh. Fruit have the classic pickle appearance: dark green with soft white spines…

  • Organic Poinsett 76 Cucumber Seed

    Cucumber, Poinsett 76 (Organic)


    Cucumis sativus. Slicing. 60-70 days. There’s no need for hybrid cucumbers with wonderful varieties like this around! Dark green skinned, 7-8″ long fruit are juicy, crunchy, and sweet. The yield is remarkable and we highly recommend it for organic farm production or for anyone who wants boxes full of classic slicing cukes. An excellent variety from…

  • Cucumber, True Lemon (Organic)

    Cucumber, True Lemon (Organic)


    Cucumis sativus. 65 days. Let’s get this out of the way right now: I love lemon cucumbers. I like all cucumbers, but lemon cukes are the only cukes I love. Let me count the ways: They are crisp and delicious, and in addition to being the size, shape, and color of a lemon, mature fruit…

  • Cucumber, White Heron (Organic)


    Cucumis sativus. Slicing. 50-60 days. White Heron slicing cucumbers are similar to True Lemon but with a classic slicer shape and lighter white color. Fruit are best harvested under 5” long, when thin skin is still tender enough to make peeling unnecessary. We like to harvest them when the stem end of the fruit just starts…

  • Jamaican burr Gherkin

    Jamaican Burr Gherkin (Organic)


    Cucumis anguria. Gherkin. 65 days. A rare and unique cucumber relative originating in West Africa and brought to Jamaica via the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 1500s. It has remained a popular vegetable in Jamaica. Jamaican Burr Gherkin is a member of what are often called West Indian Burr gherkins. Earlier and more productive than…