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  • Bedford Monarch Parsnip

    Parsnip, Bedford Monarch (Organic)

    Pastinaca sativa.

    A very rare old English parsnip variety with long white roots that have broad shoulders and sweet flavor. The roots can get huge and therefore provide a very high yield of delicious goodness while at the same time breaking through soil hardpan to improve drainage for subsequent crops. During our 2006 Seed Ambassadors trip we received this variety from the Irish Seed Savers Association, who said it is one of the sweetest parsnips they have trialed.

  • Parsnip, Halblange Wiesse SE

    Parsnip, Halblange Wiesse SE (Organic)

    Pastinaca sativa.

    Halblange Wiesse is German for ‘half long white’ and this variety is truly half-long with bright white skin. The half-long trait (majority of the mass is near the top 1′ of the root which quickly tapers), combined with strong tops result in a parsnip that is notably easier to dig. This variety was a staple for our winter CSA; we planted them in late June for perfect sized roots that could often be pulled up by hand without a fork in December! Our strain was selected by the German biodynamic seed company, Bingenheimer Saatgut and has been stewarded for several generations here in Oregon by our friend Gary Rondeau who has been selecting it for flavor. We also have been selecting it heavily for shape and vigor.