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  • Parsnip, Bedford Monarch (Organic)


    Pastinaca sativa. A very rare, old English parsnip variety with long, white roots that have broad shoulders and sweet flavor. The roots can get huge and therefore provide a very high yield of delicious goodness while at the same time breaking through soil hardpan to improve drainage for subsequent crops. During our 2006 Seed Ambassadors…

  • Parsnip, Halblange Weisse SE (Organic)


    Pastinaca sativa. Halblange Weisse is German for ‘half long white’ and this variety is truly half-long with bright white skin. The half-long trait (majority of the mass is near the top of the root which quickly tapers), combined with strong tops result in a parsnip that is notably easier to dig. This variety was a…

  • Parsnip, Kral Russian (Organic)


    Pastinaca sativa. You may think you know parsnips once you have seen a parsnip, but, think again. This is the most unique parsnip we have ever seen and never would have guessed there could be a parsnip like this. A heritage Russian variety with a beet-shaped, bulbous root. This certainly makes for a very easy…