Growing seed for beets and chard (Beta vulgaris) is challenging in our Oregon location due to its role as the global epicenter of GMO sugar beet seed production. All Beta seed lots that we sell were produced in isolated areas, far, far away from potential contamination.

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  • Chioggia BeetChioggia Beet

    Beet, Chioggia (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Round Pink/White Rings. 65 days. In our days as market growers, Chioggia beets were by far our customers’ favorite, and we loved them too. Dark pink on the outside, the inside features concentric rings of pink and white. The candy cane like appearance is as pretty as it is fun. But Chioggia charms…

  • Organic Forono Beet Seeds
    Organic Forono Beet Seeds

    Beet, Forono (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Cylindrical Red. 60 days. A favorite beet variety of Elanor O’Brien of Persephone Farm in Lebanon, Oregon, one of the first certified organic farms in the state (since 1985!). We delight in recommendations from farmer seed stewards, especially for excellent varieties that have become hard to find, so when Elanor offered to grow…

  • Kamuolini 2 Beet

    Beet, Kamuolini 2 (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Round Red. 65 days. Vibrant color, beautiful round shape and classic sweet beet flavor make this variety our ideal beet. Vigorous leaf growth makes this beet two vegetables in one, easy to pull and perfect to tie in bunches. Leaf stems have an intriguing magenta-purple tint. In our trials against the overly common…

  • Beet, Lutz Green Leaf

    Beet, Lutz Green Leaf (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Round Red. 70-90 days. An old standby winter storage beet with vibrant red roots and pale green leaves. Some Lutz strains commonly available have red leaves and stems – we are offering the original green-stemmed variety whose leaves have much better flavor. Our friend Avram Drucker of Garlicana, who stewarded this variety for…

  • Beet, Shiraz

    Beet, Shiraz (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Round Red. 60 days. Round, red roots with red leaf stems and green leaves. Vigorous and uniform with smooth skin and tall tops, Shiraz is a good choice for market growers and home gardeners alike. Not quite as sweet as Lutz Green Leaf, but still quite tasty. Young leaves make a great addition…

  • Organic Touchstone Gold Beet SeedsOrganic Touchstone Gold Beet Seeds

    Beet, Touchstone Gold (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Round Golden. 55 days. Touchstone Gold beets are vibrant orange on the outside with a golden yellow interior and green leaves. Color holds well through cooking and doesn’t bleed or stain as with traditional red varieties. Flavor is delightfully sweet and not overly earthy. Touchstone Gold is an improved variety of gold beet…