Softneck Seed Garlic


Thank you for a great garlic season! As of Friday, September 29th, 2023 all garlic and shallot varieties are sold out and will not return to stock until Aug/Sept 2024.

We are excited to offer garlic varieties that fit with our mission of Bringing Biodiversity Back! We have experience growing all of these varieties ourselves, finding each of them to be productive, interesting, and delicious. We invite you to dive deeper into garlic diversity and try some of these great varieties this year!

The Softneck Garlic varieties we have available in are Polish White and St Helens. Both of these varieties were produced by Sauvie Island Growers in Portland, Oregon.

Garlic and is a wonderful and easy to grow crop that is best planted September through November in our part of Oregon and throughout much of the US. For growing info, check out our ‘Adaptive Guide to Growing Garlic‘ over on The Seed Ambassadors blog.

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  • Organic Persephone White Garlic Seed
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    Persephone White Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Softneck Silverskin type Persephone White is a farm production workhorse garlic variety named for Persephone Farm, where it has been grown near Lebanon, Oregon for over 30 years. Similar to other silverskins, Persephone White garlic finishes in the field on the late side and stores well through the new year into spring. Like other silverskins,…

  • Polish White seed garlic bulbs
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    Polish White Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Softneck Artichoke type Polish White garlic is the quintessential softneck garlic — an artichoke type that yields always large, and often giant, bulbs. The beautiful light purple blushing on white-to-tan wrappers makes us wonder why it is called Polish White. This very reliable variety is similar to Corsican Red, Broadleaf Czech, Siskiyou Purple, and other…

  • St. Helens Garlic
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    St. Helens Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Softneck Silverskin type Softneck variety from western Washington State.  A family heirloom named after Mount St. Helens that grows very well for us, similar to other silverskins. St. Helens is later to dry down and stores well for many months. Clove size is consistently larger than other softneck silverskin types. Has tolerated rust pressure for…

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    Surprise Sampler Seed Garlic (Organic)


    Softneck and Hardneck types Can’t decide which variety to grow? Have limited garden space and would prefer smaller quantities of multiple types? Well, this is the option for you! Some hardneck, some softneck. Each 1/2 lb bag includes an assortment of 3-5 bulbs. 1 lb bags include up to 8 bulbs, and we promise to…