Asian Greens

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  • Mizspoona Salad Select (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 20 days baby, 40 days full. Mizuna and Tatsoi are some of our favorite mustard family salad greens. Combine the two and you get Mizspoona and the awesomeness increases exponentially! Very mild mustard flavor is delicious when eaten raw in salads and is also quite tasty cooked. Mizspoona Salad Select inherits the vigorous…

  • Napa Cabbage, Nozaki Early (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 60-70 days. A tall napa cabbage with super early heads that are very juicy. The 2-5 lb heads are perfect for kimchi and stir fry. Best covered with row cover to prevent all the other animals in the world from eating them because everybody likes to eat napa cabbage, especially the bugs. Best…

  • Organic Pak Choi Luck Dragon seed

    Pak Choi, Luck Dragon (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 35-40 days. Sweet and crunchy green-stemmed baby pak choi. Impressively vigorous in cool weather and it really shines in the greenhouse in early spring and fall. Produces a lot of food fast per square foot. Leaves are erect and a glossy light-green color. The leaf petioles are crunchy yet pliable and resist cracking….

  • Yukina Savoy Greens - Organic Seed - Adaptive Seeds

    Yukina Savoy (Organic)


    This dark green spoon- leafed Asian green is very similar to Tatsoi but with larger leaves and more savoyed texture. Yukina Savoy is one of the best mild mustards out there, as it works well as both a salad green when small, and sauté green when larger.