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  • broom and floor sweeping pile
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    Adaptive Seeds Floor Sweepings Ultimate Seed Mix


    Limited Time Offer! This mix is for the seed enthusiast who can’t stand the idea of a single seed going to waste. Each packet contains approximately one gram of floor sweepings from our seed room floor. May include one or more seeds for any of our over 600 varieties! Packet includes seeds, pine needles, dog…

  • Organic Anise Hyssop Snow Spike Seed

    Anise Hyssop, Snow Spike (Organic)


    Agastache foeniculum. Perennial in zones 5-9. 60-70 days. Snow Spike is an aptly named ornamental white flowered selection of the upper-midwest native wildflower that touts edible flowers and leaves as well as purported medicinal qualities. The minty licorice flavor makes a wonderful relaxing, throat soothing, and decongesting tea. The flowers and leaves are great for…

  • Organic Ashwagandha Vedic Seed
    Organic Ashwagandha Vedic Seed

    Ashwagandha Vedic (Organic)


    Withania somnifera. 110 days. One of the classic herbs in Ayurvedic medicine, Vedic Ashwagandha has been used as an adaptogen to help manage stress and for its nerve calming effect. Traditionally used in India and Africa as a revitalizing and libido enhancing tonic, ashwagandha is native to India and has been utilized there for centuries….

  • Organic Opalescent Basil Seed

    Basil, Opalescent (Organic)


    Ocimum basilicum. 60-70 days. Strikingly beautiful, ruffled dark purple basil. Opalescent basil is both an ornamental and a culinary herb. Refreshing flavor profile is reminiscent of the anise-clove combo of Thai basil, while preserving some sweet Genovese-adjacent and fruity aromatics. Makes a great fresh herb topping for dishes such as Vietnamese phở, or use as…

  • Organic Forono Beet Seeds
    Organic Forono Beet Seeds

    Beet, Forono (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Cylindrical Red. 60 days. A favorite beet variety of Elanor O’Brien of Persephone Farm in Lebanon, Oregon, one of the first certified organic farms in the state (since 1985!). We delight in recommendations from farmer seed stewards, especially for excellent varieties that have become hard to find, so when Elanor offered to grow…

  • Organic Primax Cabbage Seed
    Organic Primax Cabbage Seed

    Cabbage, Primax (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 60 days. Our all-time favorite summer cabbage. Primax cabbage dependably produces firm, round, pale green heads that range in size from 2-4 lbs – just the right size for our kitchen. We also love it because it manages to be both crisp and tender at the same time, and it holds well in…

  • Organic Cosmic Purple Carrot Seed

    Carrot, Cosmic Purple (Organic)


    Daucus carota. 65-75 days. Cosmic Purple carrot combines great color with a delicious flavor often only present in orange carrots. Vibrant reddish purple roots have orange interiors. Six to eight inch tapered roots have an appealing shape similar to Danvers type carrots and tolerate heavy soils. Cosmic Purple carrot scored high marks in our trials…

  • Organic Purple Cape Cauliflower seed
    Cauliflower, Purple Cape

    Cauliflower, Purple Cape (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 200+ days. This overwintering purple cauliflower is another great crop for the hunger gap of late spring. Purple Cape, when sown in June or July, produces deep purple heads the following February through March. Produces much larger heads and more food than overwintering purple sprouting broccoli, and we are so happy to be…

  • Organic Joy Larkcom's Midnight Chard seeds
    Organic Joy Larkcom's Midnight Chard seeds

    Chard, Joy’s Midnight (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. 30 days baby, 60 full. A uniquely dark-leaved chard. Most plants have leaves that are incredibly deep dark burgundy; we have been selecting for dark leaves with almost luminescent yellow-orange midribs. Classic chard flavor, good tolerance to cold and wet conditions. Both color and flavor intensify as plants mature; baby leaves are milder…

  • Organic Oaxaca Red Epazote Seed
    Organic Oaxaca Red Epazote Seed

    Epazote, Oaxaca Red (Organic)


    Dysphania ambrosioides. 60-70 days. Pungent leafy herb used in many Mexican recipes, especially good when combined with beans or soups. Oaxaca Red Epazote is a special red leaf variation of the often green-leafed plant. Perhaps most famous for its anti-flatulence properties when used in the preparation of dry beans, Epazote offers culinary benefits as well…

  • Organic Purple Mountains Flour Corn Seed
    Organic Purple Mountains Flour Corn Seed

    Flour Corn, Purple Mountains (Organic)


    Zea mays. Flour/Parching. 85-90 days. The stunning lavender-purple kernels of Purple Mountains Corn are held on 7-9” long, mostly 8 row cobs. Short 4-5′ plants are very early to mature and are surprisingly high yielding for such small plants. We have selected this corn for several seasons after crossing some Mandan Parching Lavender corn into…

  • Organic Green Onion Ton Hom Nuan seed
    Organic Green Onion Ton Hom Nuan seed

    Green Onion, Ton Hom Nuan (Organic)


    Allium fistulosum. Green Onion / Scallion. 65 days. A unique bunching onion from Thailand. Ton Hom Nuan green onion surprised us in its ability to produce tons of small green onions that are perfect for soups, stir frying, and sprinkling into salads. Unlike many Japanese negi type bunching onions, Ton Hom Nuan tend to hold…

  • Organic Limon Lightning Habanero Hot Pepper seed
    Organic Limon Lightning Habanero Hot Pepper seed

    Hot Pepper, Limón Lightning (Organic)


    Capsicum chinense. Hottest. 90-100 days. Limón Lightning is the same species as habanero peppers and is the hottest pepper we offer. Bright, bold yellow peppers ripen early enough for outdoor cultivation at our location in Oregon. Short plants produce high yields of slender peppers that average 2 ½” long by ¾” wide. Limón Lightning brings…

  • Organic Party Popper Jalapeño Hot Pepper Seed

    Hot Pepper, Party Popper Jalapeño (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Hot. 70 days green, 90 red. Plump, productive, early, and spicy Jalapeño. Fun, slightly rounded shaped, 3 – 3 1/2″ long fruit are perfect for stuffing and roasting. Plants produce a concentrated set of thick-walled fruit and most fruit turn red before frost. We love the green fruit for salsa, escabeche, and especially…

  • Organic Oscarde Lettuce seed
    Organic Oscarde Lettuce seed

    Lettuce, Oscarde (Organic)


    Lactuca sativa. Red Oak Leaf. 30 days baby; 55 full. The red oakleaf lettuce that really got the organic salad mix game going! Oscarde Lettuce has the great combination of dark cherry-red outer leaves with ultra fine red-brown dappling on inner leaf areas, becoming green at the heart. This makes Oscarde look good even when…

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    Organic Lovage seed

    Lovage (Organic)


    Levisticum officinale. Perennial in zones 3-9. With an appearance similar to its celery relative, lovage has a lovely fragrance and a sweet herbal flavor to match. Almost fennel-like undertones that are also reminiscent of celery and parsley, but lovage really has a flavor all its own. All parts of this plant are edible – leaves…

  • Organic Kees' Orange Marigold Seed
    Organic Kees' Orange Marigold Seed

    Marigold, Kees’ Orange (Organic)


    Tagetes erecta. 60-70 days. Orange flowers have been selected to be the most vibrant, vivid orange color possible. Kees’ Orange marigold is an “African” marigold (aka, Mexican marigold) that is a great choice for cut flower production. Plants grow 3-4′ tall and produce many 3” wide double petaled blooms. Marigold flowers are well known for…

  • Organic Sweet Spanish Colorado No. 6 Onion Seed

    Onion, Sweet Spanish Colorado #6 (Organic)


    Allium cepa. Yellow Sweet. 100 days. Day Neutral. A lovely sweet onion with bronze skin and good storability, first released in 1936 by the Colorado State University Experiment Station in Rocky Ford. Sweet Spanish Colorado #6 stood out in our sweet onion trials first for its agronomic traits, and later for its delicious sweet onion…

  • Organic Early Select Kkaennip Korean Perilla Seed
    Organic Early Select Kkaennip Korean Perilla Seed

    Perilla, Early Select Kkaennip (Organic)


    Perilla frutescens. 70 days leaves, 120 seeds. A classic Korean perilla / kkaennip, with strongly flavored green leaves reminiscent of mint and basil. This type of perilla is an essential green in Korean cooking. Leaves can be used in many ways including pickled as Kkaennip Kimchi or used as wraps similar to using lettuce or…

  • Organic Lucille Poppy Seed

    Poppy, Lucille (Organic)


    Papaver somniferum. An impressively ruffled, bright red peony poppy with slight frosty edges that is sure to get your attention. Peony poppies are known for producing larger flowers that are fully double, and Lucille sports a poof of petals that seem unending. Our stock seed for this variety is from Wild Garden Seed, where it…

  • Organic Emerald Naked Seeded Pumpkin Seed
    Organic Emerald Naked Seeded Pumpkin Seed

    Pumpkin, Emerald Naked Seeded (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. 90-110 days. Hulless pumpkin seeds (aka, pepitas) are some of the tastiest and most nutritious treats that one can grow in the garden or farm field. They are mind bogglingly delicious when freshly roasted with a little salt. So why not grow your own with Emerald Naked Seeded pumpkin? Our friend Chris Homanics…

  • Organic Radicchio La Rosa del Veneto seed

    Radicchio, La Rosa del Veneto (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Loose heading and tall heading type. 100-120 days. La Rosa Del Veneto is a pink leafed chicory of the type that has been “having a moment” since at least 2018. We’re hoping that moment is here to stay and that pink chicory will establish itself as more than a niche crop for fancy…

  • Organic Purple Red Strawflower Seed
    Organic Purple Red Strawflower Seed

    Strawflower, Purple Red (Organic)


    Xerochrysum bracteatum. 60-70 days. Super dark purple, like a deep shade of red wine, Purple Red strawflower is a fun change from the more commonly grown strawflower colors of bright oranges and yellows. Flowers grow to about 2” across but can be harvested at an earlier stage to avoid the yellow centers that appear when…

  • Organic Better Off Red Sunflower Seed
    Organic Better Than Red Sunflower Seed

    Sunflower, Better Off Red (Organic)


    The Bi-colored petals of Ring Of Fire Sunflower are yellow at the tips and switch to dark maroon at the centers. Plants grow to about 5′ tall with lots of branching.  This variety superb for arrangements.

  • Organic Jilly Sweet Pea Flower Seeds
    Organic Jilly Sweet Pea Flower Seeds

    Sweet Pea, Jilly (Organic)


    Lathyrus odoratus. 70 days. Cream colored sweet peas add a hint of romance and elegance to the garden and to bouquets. Worth growing for their fragrance alone, and the long, strong stems make Jilly work exceptionally well in arrangements. A great choice for fall sowing for early spring blooms. Plants grow to about 4’ tall…

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    Tomato, Thai Grape (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red Grape. 65 days. Indet. Small-fruited red grape tomato produces all season and continues to pump out high quality, deliciously sweet fruit late into the season after so many other varieties have lost the flavor edge. Fruit hold exceptionally well both on and off the plant. Thai Grape is a good representation of…

  • Organic Chou Cheh Red Watermelon Seeds

    Watermelon, Chou Cheh Red (Organic)


    Citrullus lanatus. 75-80 days. Chou Cheh Red has been lauded as the “Best. Watermelon. Ever.” and “sweetest” watermelon by some of our seed growing friends, and when fellow seed folk get behind a variety we listen! In addition to its addictive sweetness, we were pleasantly surprised to discover the relatively early yields even with so…

  • Organic Hessel Sugar Loaf Winter Squash Seed
    Organic Hessel Sugar Loaf Winter Squash Seed

    Winter Squash, Sugar Loaf Hessel (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. 100 days. A slight variation on the classic delicata, Sugar Loaf is a sister variety to Honey Boat with a similar tan color and green stripes but with a shorter, blockier (some might even say loaf) shape. Deliciously sweet fruits average 1-2 lbs. Originally bred by Oregon State University plant breeder Dr. Jim…