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  • Quinoa, ApellewaQuinoa, Apellewa

    Quinoa, Apellewa (Organic)


    Chenopodium quinoa. 80-95 days. The earliest maturing quinoa we have ever grown, or heard of for that matter. Even with such early ripening, Apellewa produces great yields of large, mostly white seeds. We might be biased because it is our most recent amazing quinoa find, but we really were impressed! Slightly variable, mostly cream-gold and…

  • Quinoa, Dave 407 (Organic)


    Chenopodium quinoa. 90-100 days. Our favorite quinoa because of its unique history and excellent performance here in the Willamette Valley. Golden orange seeds. 4-5′ tall plants with seed heads that turn vivid orange when ripe. High yielding compared to other quinoa grown in low elevations. Short season. Open seed heads shed late season damp weather….

  • Quinoa, Linares (Organic)


    Chenopodium quinoa. 100-110 days. One of the best candidates for western Oregon quinoa production. There has been a lot of hype about quinoa production lately with few successes on a commercial scale. Not yet anyway! Getting the right seed is the first step. Plants are 4-5′ tall. Seed head color is slightly variable, from orange…

  • Taiwanese QuinoaQuinoa Taiwanese

    Quinoa, Taiwanese (Organic)


    Chenopodium formosanum. 120-130 days. Easy to grow plants are similar to lambsquarters, with a unique pink coloration. Very heat tolerant. The magic happens when they grow over 6′ tall, producing beautiful long trailing flower heads. Flower heads resemble Love Lies Bleeding amaranth and similarly make great cut flowers. Late to mature seed but the plants…