Roots, Misc.

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  • Burdock, Okinawa Long

    Burdock, Okinawa Long (Organic)


    Arctium lappa. A variety originating in Okinawa, an island of southern Japan. The people of Okinawa are known for their long lives and health, which burdock is believed to play a part. Often cooked in soups or pickled, it is known for its healing properties and high vitamin content. The burdock root’s ability to penetrate…

  • Celeriac, Tellus (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 110 days. A great old-fashioned celeriac from England. These big, vigorous roots are a little darker than modern varieties both inside and out, and the leaf stalks have a reddish color. Most modern celeriac has been bred to have a bright white interior, which is better for looks. Unfortunately, the volatile compounds that…

  • Parsley Root, Hilmar (Organic)

    Parsley Root, Hilmar (Organic)


    Petroselinum crispum. Pure white, 8” long carrot-shaped root vegetable with a mild parsley flavor. Very aromatic and great in soups or roasted in the oven. Hilmar really shines as a winter vegetable when it sweetens up after a frost. Plus it’s very cold hardy – it was one of the crops that overwintered in the…

  • Salsify, Fiore Blu (Organic)Salsify, Fiore Blu (Organic)

    Salsify, Fiore Blu (Organic)


    Tragopogon porrifolius. Yet another delicious root crop common in Europe but rarely grown here in the US. Hopefully we can change that as salsify has much to offer! Roots grow to the size and shape of imperator type carrots but are cream colored. Flavor is said to resemble oysters, in fact salsify is also known…

  • Scorzonera, Hoffman's Schwarze Pfahl (Organic)

    Scorzonera, Hoffman’s Schwarze Pfahl (Organic)


    Scorzonera hispanica. This root vegetable has black skin and mild-flavored white flesh. Leaves provide reliable winter greens, and bright yellow flowers in second year are edible. That’s right: three vegetables in one! Not only is this a standby and delicious winter food, but it is a true perennial perfect for the permaculture garden. We found…