Diverse Genepool Mixes

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  • Giants of California Aster

    Aster, Giants of California (Organic)


    Callistephus chinensis. 90 days. Intense pom-poms of double, daisylike flowers in bright and light pink, lavender, and white, providing a different color palette than other flowers we offer. The colors are so vivid it looks like someone turned the pastel saturation all the way up on grandma’s old TV. Flowers hold a long time both…

  • Organic Thai Basil Seed Golden Mountain Sweet

    Basil, Golden Mountain Sweet Thai Mix (Organic)


    Ocium basilicum. 60-70 days. An essential ingredient in many Thai dishes because of its classic sweet licorice clove flavor. Green leaves, purple stems and purple flowers form on compact plants that work well in containers. Received as a variable population, some plants are stout with larger, sweeter leaves that are less aromatic, while other plants…

  • Organic Rainbow Chard Seed

    Chard, Rainbow (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. 30 days baby, 60 full. This selection of Rainbow chard is a show stopper in the garden, at farmer’s market, and on the table. Vibrant colors range from dark red, through the spectrum to hot pink, orange, yellow, and white. Leaves can be incorporated raw into salads when young or cooked when older….

  • Coreopsis, Tiger Mix (Organic)


    Coreopsis tinctoria. Most plants grow to 30″ and produce daisy-like flowers with red centers and vibrant yellow edges. There is some slight variation in bloom types, including all red and more pinnate petals. Very attractive filler in flower bouquets. Pollinators and other beneficial insects also love them. Blossoms can be used to make a yellow…

  • Open Oak Party Mix Organic Dent Corn seed

    Dent Corn, Open Oak Party Mix (Organic)


    Zea mays. Flinty Dent. 90-100 days. Our main crop field corn that we grow for cornmeal, flour and for making masa. Open Oak Party Mix is the best corn we offer for nixtamalization and making your own hominy or pozole. After grinding, we sometimes sift out the coarse polenta from the flour and we have…

  • Fava Bean, Ianto's Return (Organic)

    Fava Bean, Ianto’s Return (Organic)


    Vicia faba. Mostly large seeds of many colors ranging from tan, yellow, purple, lavender-tan to almost black. High culinary value and adaptive resilience — hangs tough in our winters when other fava varieties wither in the cold. Big plants form many tillers. Young leaves and shoots also make a tasty salad green. Beans can be…

  • Organic Excelsior Mix Foxglove seedExcelsior Foxglove

    Foxglove, Excelsior Mix (Organic)


    Digitalis purpurea. Biennial / Perennial in zones 4-9. Beautiful spires of bell-shaped flowers that range in color from white to pink and bloom in their second year. Bigger flowers with more bold colors than the wild foxglove that is established throughout the Pacific Northwest. Blooms in early June for us. Flower spires grow to 6′…

  • Kale, Bear Necessities (Organic)


    Brassica napus. 25 days baby, 50 days full. A finely serrated frilly kale with a tender texture making it suitable for salad mix at all stages of growth. A great cold tolerant variety that is mild, very sweet and adds a lot of volume to salad mix. Larger leaves are also good for bunching and…

  • Organic Gulag Stars Kale seeds

    Kale, Gulag Stars (Organic)


    Brassica napus with Brassica rapa crosses. 25 days baby, 50-60 days full. Incredible diversity unlike anything else. A mix of napus kales that have been crossed with B. rapa. Napus leaf types vary through the color spectrum from brilliant red to green to white Russian types; from super frilly to broad-leafed shapes; from skinny, short…

  • Kale Coalition

    Kale, Kale Coalition (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 30 days baby, 60-70 days full. A diverse genepool mix of 17 oleracea kales and their crosses. Nick Routledge trialed the 17 kales collected on our 2007 Seed Ambassadors trip and this is what happened the next spring. This grex contains a lot of very interesting, diverse kales that are not available in…

  • Simone Broadleaf KaleSimone Broadleaf Kale organic

    Kale, Simone Broadleaf (Organic)


    Brassica napus. 25 days baby, 55 days full. We present to you – Simone Broadleaf! Our second release coming out of the Gulag Stars kale population. Simone Broadleaf has a strong thematic character containing all tasty broadleaf plants of various colors and leaf edge waves. Some plants are dark green and glazed, others are light…

  • Organic Farthest North Galia Melon Seed

    Melon, Farthest North Galia (Organic)


    Cucumis melo. 65 days. Our selection from the Farthest North Mix that has been in the making since we crossed Galia F1 into the mix over 9 years ago. Still a genepool mix that has been selected for small, round, green-fleshed melons. Our goal is to breed a small fruited super early, super sweet galia/passport/tropical…

  • Organic Farthest North Melon Mix Seeds

    Melon, Farthest North Mix (Organic)


    Cucumis melo. 65 days. A diverse genepool mix of ultra early, cool weather tolerant melons. Small, single serving, baseball-to-softball-sized melons vary in color (lots of green-fleshed but also some orange) as well as texture and flavor. This melon is like a box of chocolates (thanks Forrest Gump!). You might not know what you’re going to…

  • Organic Mustard Spicy Curls seeds

    Mustard, Spicy Curls (Organic)


    Brassica juncea. 20 days baby, 40 days full. A very diverse and strikingly beautiful mix of curly and wavy, mostly red and purple leaves with good moderate heat. Great for salad or bunching greens. A favorite of ours for winter cooked greens, the heat vanishes once cooked and the rich flavor remains. Bred in Oregon…

  • Poppy, Food Not Lawns Remix (Organic)

    Poppy, Food Not Lawns Remix (Organic)


    Papaver somniferum. Large, single blooms vary from light purple/white, to pink, red, magenta, and dark purple. This beautiful, easy to grow poppy population is the species commonly used for medicinal purposes. Adapted to our growing region, it is very hardy. Try sowing in the fall for early spring flowering. Can be sown in the spring…

  • Organic Emerald Naked Seeded Pumpkin Seed
    Organic Emerald Naked Seeded Pumpkin Seed

    Pumpkin, Emerald Naked Seeded (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. 90-110 days. Hulless pumpkin seeds (aka, pepitas) are some of the tastiest and most nutritious treats that one can grow in the garden or farm field. They are mind bogglingly delicious when freshly roasted with a little salt. So why not grow your own with Emerald Naked Seeded pumpkin? Our friend Chris Homanics…

  • Organic Pie Pumpkin Party seeds

    Pumpkin, Pie Pumpkin Party (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. 80-90 days. We searched high and low for open pollinated pie pumpkins and were amazed at how few varieties we could get our hands on. After months of scouring the internet and the Seed Savers Exchange, we had 11 varieties, including several heirlooms that came with no description or info beyond the name….

  • Organic Rustic Colors Rudbeckia Seeds

    Rudbeckia, Rustic Colors (Organic)


    Rudbeckia hirta. 60-80 days. Perennial in zones 7-9. Rudbeckia is usually referred to as Blackeyed Susan, but Rustic Colors is not your average Black-eyed Susan. Blooms profusely from spring through autumn with 4” daisylike flowers that range in color from yellow to orange, red and mahogany. Long stems contribute to its strength as a cut…

  • Organic British Pop Runner Bean Seeds

    Runner Bean, British Pop (Organic)


    Phaseolus coccineus. Mix. 70-90 days. A genetically diverse population of edible-pod type runner beans from the British Isles. We have loved growing runner beans from across the pond for some time now and with so many good ones in our trials, we decided to let the best coalesce into one big British Pop mix. Our…

  • Defiant Mix Snapdragon

    Snapdragon, Defiant Mix (Organic)


    Antirrhinum majus. 70-80 days. Snapdragons are one of the classic annual flowers that every gardener should experiment with. These 3′ tall plants are a bright accent in the garden and also make excellent cut flowers. Flower color mostly ranges from dark-cherry red to peach-orange red, defiantly throwing out the occasional bright yellow plant. This mix…

  • Organic Monstrosum Mix Strawflower Seed

    Strawflower, Monstrosum Mix (Organic)


    Xerochrysum bracteatum. 75-85 days. Strawflowers are one of the best everlasting flowers. They are easy to grow, produce loads of blossoms sometimes even after frost, have strong stems, and are tolerant of low fertility and dry growing conditions. Monstrosum Mix is a lovely rainbow of colors including white, orange, yellow, and several shades of pinks…

  • Serah and Sarah Sunflower

    Sunflower, The Serah & Sarah Mix (Organic)


    Helianthus annuus. A sunflower party, this collection is an evolving mixture of sunflower colors and growth habits that we have been curating since 2005. Selected over the years from various crosses and volunteers. Many are classic yellows as well as unique reds and a few lemon yellow types. But the real gems in the mix…

  • Il Tore The Tower Sunflower

    Sunflower, The Tower (Organic)


    Helianthus annuus. Flowers reach 6″ wide on well-branched, 6′ tall plants. Flower color varies and includes pale yellow, bright yellow, bicolor, and red flowers. A very good cut flower since each plant produces several flower heads and stem size works well in bouquets. We were given this seed by Wim Brus, a biodynamic seed grower…

  • Sweet William, Hollandia Purple Crown Mix (Organic)


    Dianthus barbatus. 45 days. This Dianthus / Sweet William is an annual cut flower version of the cottage garden favorite. So many Sweet Williams are biennial and it is difficult to wait for the blooms. The 2′ tall plants of Hollandia Purple Crown Mix display many of the classic Dianthus colors – red, purple, white,…

  • Organic Tomatillo Seeds Purple Keepers Modern LandraceOrganic Tomatillo Seeds Purple Keepers Modern Landrace

    Tomatillo, Purple Keepers Modern Landrace (Organic)


    Physalis philadelphica (synonym Physalis ixocarpa). 70 days. This is our effort to breed a medium-sized purple tomatillo that stores for a very long time off the vine. Shades range from a slight purple blush on green, to deep purple all through the fruit. Purple tomatillos have a more complex flavor than green ones. They are…

  • Turnip, Aprovecho Hardy (Organic)


    Brassica rapa. 70 days. This is our hardiest turnip bred specifically for Oregon winters. Salvaged from the less than 5% of the surviving turnips from a population of Dr. Alan Kapuler’s Six Root Grex Turnip. The rest of the population died after a hard 8°F frost at Aprovecho Research Center in Cottage Grove, Oregon. The…

  • Anthos Arterner ValerianAnthos Arterner Valerian

    Valerian, Anthos Arterner Mix (Organic)


    Valeriana officianalis. Perennial in zones 4–9. A mix of improved strains of valerian, preferred for commercial production due to high essential oil content and good root yields. Valerian is a favored herbal treatment for insomnia and the small, pink and white flowers were once used in perfumes. Considered a powerful brain and muscle sedative, valerian can…

  • Organic Berry Basket Zinnia seedOrganic Berry Basket Zinnia seed

    Zinnia, Berry Basket (Organic)


    Zinnia elegans. 60-70 days. A gorgeous mix of berry-toned zinnias, including raspberry, strawberry (and strawberry ice cream), marionberry, and grape (concorde, merlot, and rosé). Perhaps we can pretend that grapes are berries, and that rosé is a grape variety just this once. If you like a full spectrum of pink, this is the mix for…