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  • kohlrabi superschmelz

    Kohlrabi, Superschmelz (Organic)

    Brassica oleracea. 60-80 days.

    Instead of the usual variety description, & because we are in love with kohlrabi, Sarah has written a mini-ode to Superschmelz. Enjoy.

    Oh Superschmelz Kohlrabi,
    how I adore thee.
    The best part of broccoli
    (the stem) – at least to me.
    I didn’t think it possible,
    but somehow you’re never pithy or woody.
    Flavor so delectable
    sweet, mild, & crunchy.
    You grow all year round;
    your storage life is otherworldly.
    Shaped like a planet – mighty Jupiter,
    not mini Mercury.
    You look like an alien
    I Want to Believe.
    Like a nova, you are Super
    what is a Schmelz, anyway?

    (Schmelz is a town in Germany where they grow giant green kohlrabi. The Truth is Out There.)

    As required by the Oregon Department of Agriculture & the Washington Crucifer Quarantine, all Brassica family seed lots have been tested & found negative for blackleg (Phoma lingam) by an approved, certified lab.