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  • kohlrabi superschmelz

    Kohlrabi, Superschmelz (Organic)

    Brassica oleracea. 60-80 days.

    Instead of the usual variety description, and because we are in love with kohlrabi and The X-Files, Sarah has written a mini-ode to Superschmelz. Enjoy.

    Oh Superschmelz Kohlrabi,
    how I adore thee.
    The best part of broccoli
    (the stem) – at least to me.
    I didn’t think it possible,
    but somehow you’re never pithy or woody.
    Flavor so delectable
    sweet, mild, & crunchy.
    You grow all year round;
    your storage life is otherworldly.
    Shaped like a planet – mighty Jupiter,
    not mini Mercury.
    You look like an alien
    I Want to Believe.
    Like a nova, you are Super
    what is a Schmelz, anyway?

    (Schmelz is a town in Germany where they grow giant green kohlrabi. The Truth is Out There.)

    As required by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Washington Crucifer Quarantine, all Brassica family seed lots have been tested and found negative for blackleg (Phoma lingam) by an approved, certified lab.