Sweet Peppers

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  • Organic Amish Yellow Stuffing Sweet Pepper Seed

    Sweet Pepper, Amish Yellow Stuffing (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Green to Yellow-Orange. 75 days. Bright yellow-orange mini bell peppers grow to about 2″ across. The high yielding plants pump out sweet and tasty, fun-sized fruit. The size makes them very versatile – perfect for snacking or adding to salads, pickling whole, or stuffed as an appetizer. Plants have a small stature that make…

  • Organic Bácskai Fehér Sweet Pepper, Bacskai Feher seeds

    Sweet Pepper, Bácskai Fehér (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Yellow to Red. 75 days. Richly flavored Hungarian sweet pepper that is great both fresh and cooked. Attractive, large, conical fruit with a curled tip start out pale yellow and ripen to bright orange then red. These colors make Bácskai Fehér sweet pepper a great addition to a market display, as they offer…

  • Etiuda Pepper

    Sweet Pepper, Etiuda (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Green to Orange. 80 days. Vivid orange bell pepper, produces loads of blocky, thick-walled fruit early and throughout the season. Almost candy sweet when fully ripe and the under-ripe fruit are also sweeter than most. Bell peppers can be a challenge to grow outdoors here, but Etiuda is a champ with a high…

  • Organic Gernika Sweet Pepper seed

    Sweet Pepper, Gernika (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Green to Red. 50 days green, 85 red. Mild flavored sweet peppers originally from the Basque region of Spain. The 6″ long, ripe red fruit start to crinkle a little on the plant when mature. We first started growing Gernika when we were searching for an excellent drying pepper for sweet paprika, and…

  • Gypsy Queens Sweet PepperSweet Pepper, Gypsy Queens (Organic)

    Sweet Pepper, Gypsy Queens (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Lime Green to Red. 70 days. Wonderful, early sweet red pepper that is our effort at dehybridizing “a popular hybrid.” Elongated, tapered fruit are similar to Hungarian sweet peppers. Starts out a lime green color, ripens to red with good flavor at any stage. Now in its sixth season of selection, it is…

  • Sweet Pepper, Ise (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. 60 days green, 90 days red. Ise is similar in flavor and texture to the common Shishito pepper, but sweeter and larger fruited. Fruit are 3 ½” long by 1” wide and still small enough to prep in all of the classic Shishito ways, but the larger size makes for a quicker harvest….

  • Organic Lesya Sweet Pepper SeedOrganic Lesya Sweet Pepper Seed

    Sweet Pepper, Lesya (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Green to Red. 80 days. Lesya is a totally unique sweet pepper from Ukraine that caught our eye due to its cool, conical, almost heart-like shape. Fruit have 3”-4” wide rounded shoulders that taper to a point at the blossom end. The heart shape is a bit variable but is really apparent when…

  • Sweet Pepper, Liebesapfel (Organic)

    Sweet Pepper, Liebesapfel (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Green to Red. 70 days. Red ruffled pepper with sweet thick flesh. Very early and also productive late into the season. Deeply lobed, flattened sheepnose/cheese type pimento. Fruit develop fewer blemishes during ripening compared to bell-shaped peppers. The German translation of Liebesapfel can be either ‘love apple’ or ‘candy apple.’ Either one certainly…

  • Organic Sweet Pepper Peace Bell seedOrganic Sweet Pepper Peace Bell seed

    Sweet Pepper, Peace Bell (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Green to Red. 80 days. Peace Bell is a big red bell pepper with that classic blocky bell shape and sweet, tasty fruit. We have been looking for a red bell pepper to add to our offerings for a very long time, but found that most open-pollinated varieties were too late maturing, with…

  • Sweet Pepper, Pointy Kaibi #1 (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Green to Red. 70 days. Excellent early maturing dark red sweet pepper that is definitely one of our favorites. Pointy Kaibi #1 is not overly sweet for fresh eating, instead having an incredible aroma which makes it excellent for sweet paprika. Not only will this variety fill the house with an unbearably delicious…

  • Sweet Pepper, Shepherd's Ramshorn (Organic)Sweet Pepper, Shepherd's Ramshorn (Organic)

    Sweet Pepper, Shepherd’s Ramshorn (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Green to Red. 75 days. A rare medium-large, elongated and blocky, red Italian frying type pepper. Reputed to be one of the sweetest peppers around. Scored a high rating in the Northern Organic Variety Improvement Collaborative (NOVIC) trials for early maturity and flavor. Fruit are a little bit later and more stout than…

  • Organic Stocky Red Roaster Pepper seedOrganic Stocky Red Roaster Pepper seed

    Sweet Pepper, Stocky Red Roaster (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Green to Red. 80 days. We’re on the Stocky Red Roaster bandwagon! We grew this red, Italian type pepper for market and loved it for its sweet flavor raw, roasted, or cooked, as well as its productivity and size (4-6″ long, 2″ wide at shoulders). It turns out we weren’t alone, as Stocky…

  • Sunnybrook Pimento Sweet Pepper

    Sweet Pepper, Sunnybrook Pimento (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Green to Red. 60 days. This is the best sweet pepper we have found for short season areas. Short plants ripen medium-thick-walled, early, sweet, blocky-round type fruit a full 2 weeks earlier than other peppers. They continue to mature smaller fruit – somewhere between golf ball and tennis ball sized – throughout the…