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  • Bácskai Fehér Sweet Pepper, Bacskai Feher

    Sweet Pepper, Bácskai Fehér (Organic)

    Capsicum annuum. 75 days.

    Richly flavored Hungarian sweet pepper for fresh eating. Attractive, large conical fruit with a curled tip. Pale yellow fruit ripen to bright orange then red. These colors make Bácskai Fehér a great addition to a market display, as they offer color variation in the booth (and on the plate) even when under-ripe. Very high yielding – hands down the most productive Hungarian sweet pepper we have grown. Another gem originally sourced from a Hungarian seed packet.

  • Sweet Pepper, Gypsy Queens (Organic)

    Sweet Pepper, Gypsy Queens (Organic)

    Capsicum annum. 70 days.

    Wonderful, early sweet red pepper that is our latest effort at dehybridizing “a popular hybrid.” Elongated, tapered bell-shape similar to Hungarian sweet peppers. Starts out as a lime green color. Fruit have good flavor when green or ripe. Now in its F5 and surprisingly uniform, we have narrowed it down to two fruit types, a blunt tip and a pointy tip. Both taste excellent and are very productive. We hope to continue to improve the selection in future years, although it is pretty far along in the process already. Gypsy Queens has repeatedly performed well in on-farm variety trials in the Pacific Northwest. A superb short season market pepper that is a delight to grow.

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  • Sweet Pepper, Liebesapfel (Organic)

    Sweet Pepper, Liebesapfel (Organic)

    Capsicum annuum. 70 days.

    We love this “love apple.” Red ruffled pepper with sweet thick flesh. Very early and productive late into the season. Deeply lobed, flattened sheepnose/cheese type pimento. Seems to suffer fewer losses during final ripening than many bell-shaped peppers. Developed by a small seed company in Germany. Matures outdoors without any plastic in Denmark. Seed originally from Søren Holt of Frøsamlerne, the Danish seed saving organization.

  • Pointy Kaibi # 1

    Sweet Pepper, Pointy Kaibi #1 (Organic)

    5 out of 5
    Capsicum annuum. 70 days.

    Excellent early maturing dark red sweet pepper that is one of Andrew’s favorites. This variety is not overly sweet for fresh eating but its incredible aroma really makes it shine for sweet paprika. Not only will this variety fill the house with an unbearably delicious aroma while in the dehydrator, but it keeps fresh longer than any other sweet pepper we have tried. Pointy Kaibi #1 can sit in a cardboard tray in the garage for a month easily, probably longer. An heirloom originally from Bulgaria. Variety given to The Seed Ambassadors Project by Real Seeds in Wales. They received it from Mitko Antonov whose family in central Bulgaria has been growing it for generations.

  • Sweet Pepper, Shepherd's Ramshorn (Organic)

    Sweet Pepper, Shepherd’s Ramshorn (Organic)

    Capsicum annuum. 75 days.

    A rare medium-large, elongated and blocky, red Italian frying type pepper. Reputed to be one of the sweetest peppers around. Scored a high rating in the Northern Organic Variety Improvement Collaborative (NOVIC) trials for early maturity and flavor. Fruit are a little bit later and more stout than Corono di Toro, but more productive, even outdoors in cool Oregon summers. Originally from Spain, reselected in Italy, and that’s all we know of this wonderful pepper’s history. Aka, Shephard’s Ramshorn.

  • Sweet Pepper, Stocky Red Roaster
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    Sweet Pepper, Stocky Red Roaster (Organic)

    Capsicum annuum. 80 days.

    We’ve jumped on the Stocky Red Roaster bandwagon! We grew this red, Italian type pepper for market and loved it for its sweet flavor raw, roasted, or cooked, as well as its productivity and size (4-6″ long, 2″ wide at shoulders). It turns out we weren’t alone, as Stocky Red Roaster fared better than all other varieties in the 2012 Northern Organic Variety Improvement Cooperative (NOVIC) trials and is fast becoming the OP Italian type pepper of choice. Bred by Frank Morton.

    Seed produced by Wild Garden Seeds in Philomath, Oregon.

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  • Sweet Pepper, Sunnybrook Pimento (Organic)

    Sweet Pepper, Sunnybrook Pimento (Organic)

    Capsicum annuum. 60 days.

    This is the best sweet pepper we have found for short season areas. It is a medium-thick-walled, early sweet sheepnose type. Short plants ripen fruit a full 2 weeks earlier than other peppers and continue to mature small fruit – somewhere between golf ball and tennis ball sized – throughout the season. In addition, its high productivity sets it apart from other super early sweet peppers. Our original seed came from Ben Gable of Real Seeds in Wales, and the Irish Seed Savers Association, with high recommendations from both.