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  • Organic Coral Carrot Seed

    Carrot, Coral (Organic)


    Daucus carota. 55 days. An early improved Nantes type carrot. Unique orange color has almost pinkish undertones. Flavor is what really makes Coral a standout with its delicious sweetness and an aroma to match – perfect for snacking. Coreless, with better tip fill than most OP carrots. European variety introduced to the US by Fedco…

  • Organic Cosmic Purple Carrot Seed

    Carrot, Cosmic Purple (Organic)


    Daucus carota. 65-75 days. Cosmic Purple carrot combines great color with a delicious flavor often only present in orange carrots. Vibrant reddish purple roots have orange interiors. Six to eight inch tapered roots have an appealing shape similar to Danvers type carrots and tolerate heavy soils. Cosmic Purple carrot scored high marks in our trials…

  • Organic Danvers 126 Carrot seedsOrganic Danvers 126 Carrot Seed

    Carrot, Danvers 126 (Organic)


    Daucus carota. 70-75 days. With its broad-shouldered, conical, orange roots, Danvers 126 carrot is a garden standby that has been around since 1886. Similar to Red Core Chantenay but less blocky and a little more tender, however not as tender as Nantes types. Good for year round carrot production. Split resistant roots grow to about…

  • Organic Hilmar nantes Carrot seed

    Carrot, Hilmar/Nantaise 2 (Organic)


    Daucus carota. 60 days. This nantes type carrot is an excellent open pollinated competitor for the hybrids. Delightful, juicy crunch and sweet, mild flavor make it great for fresh eating. Very uniform for an open pollinated variety with bright orange color and good tip fill. Makes attractive carrot bunches at market. Good for spring through…

  • Organic Red Core Chantenay Carrot SeedsOrganic Red Core Chantenay Carrot seeds

    Carrot, Red Core Chantenay (Organic)


    Daucus carota. 70 days. The ultimate carrot for winter cultivation and storage. Wide shoulders, dense flesh, and solid carrot flavor make it a preferred variety for processing and great for bulk and/or wholesale as the poundage adds up quickly. Grows well in heavy soil, strong tops and wedge shape make for easy harvest. This variety…