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With over 100 tomatoes to choose from here at Adaptive Seeds, deciding which ones to grow can be difficult. For quick reference, we’ve created some Tomatoes At-A-Glance comparison charts that include lots of information. We hope they help you find your new favorite tomato varieties for 2019.

Want to know more about All Things Garlic? From variety specifics, to planting, cultivating, harvest, curing & cleaning. Check it out in our basic how-to garlic guide!

Don’t forget to check out our Books page for more growing & seed saving resources.

A Guide to Seed Saving, Seed Stewardship & Seed Sovereignty
by The Seed Ambassadors Project (That’s us!). 4th Edition, January 2010. 38 pages.

Our small publication/zine on seed saving. Contains basic background information and fundamental concepts of seed saving as well as straight forward and concise info on saving seed for the main garden crop types. You can download this for FREE to use or to print and distribute yourself.

Seed Saving Zine 4th Edition (3.8 MB PDF) This version is formatted as a handout and is your best choice for printing and reading if you do not have one of those fancy zine staplers.

Seed Saving Zine 4th Edition Duplex (3.5 MB PDF) This version is formatted for printing in a duplex printer & folding into a zine. That is why the pages seem to be in a weird order. If your printer does not have duplex ability you can print it one page at a time, flipping each page over to print the back side.

We are currently out-of-stock on our own printed copies of the zine BUT hope to someday come out with a NEW edition. Stay tuned!

The Big Willamette Winter Gardening Chart
by Nick Routledge and Andrew Still. Version 4.0, January 2011. 7 pages.

Willamette Winter Gardening Cart
Ever wonder what can be grown through Pacific Northwest winters (Zone 7-ish)? This is our compilation of notes on fall, mid-winter & overwintering crops. Includes lists of crop types, sow dates, hardiness, approximate harvest times, and notes on varieties gathered over the years through experience by Nick and Andrew. Even if you don’t live in the Willamette Valley, this collection will help any winter gardener out. Do note that some of the seed sources listed have variable availability.

Big Willamette Winter Gardening Chart 4th edition (98 KB PDF)

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