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  • Shelling Pea, Caruther's Purple Pod (Organic)

    Shelling Pea, Carruthers’ Purple Podded (Organic)

    Pisum sativum. Purple Pod Shelling.

    4-6′ tall vines, pink and purple flowers. Purple pods contain sweet seed for fresh shelling or freezing. One of the best purple-podded types we have grown. The purple pods are easy to find when picking. An heirloom grown by the Carruthers family in County Down, Northern Ireland for almost 40 years. Given to The Seed Ambassadors Project by the Heritage Seed Library in England. Aka, Caruther’s Purple Pod.


  • Shelling Pea, Clarke's Beltony Blue (Organic)

    Shelling Pea, Clarke’s Beltony Blue (Organic)

    Pisum sativum. Purple Pod Shelling.

    Another purple-podded pea from Northern Ireland. This one is from County Tyrone and has been grown on the same farm there since at least 1850. Can grow up to 51⁄2′ tall. Purple pods become mottled with green when ripe and the peas have a good smooth flavor without bitterness. Our original seed came from the Heritage Seed Library in England.

  • Green Beauty Snow Pea

    Snow Pea, Green Beauty (Organic)

    Pisum sativum. Green Snow. 60 days.

    We were tired of short bushy snow peas, so when we found this gem from Peace Seeds we were very excited. Bicolor purple flowers look lovely on vigorous vines that grow up to 8′ tall. The tender green snow pea pods can grow to 7” and still be delicious with some having a pink blush. One of our earliest peas and certainly the most productive. An amazing variety bred by Dr. Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds in Corvallis, Oregon.

  • Sugar Snap Pea, Magnolia Blossom (Organic)

    Sugar Snap Pea, Magnolia Blossom (Organic)

    Pisum sativum. Green Sugar Snap. 80 days.

    One of our favorites for flavor and productivity. 8′ vines yield light-green sweet pods with a purple stripe down the side when mature. Very sweet just like a sugar snap should be and the pods just keep coming for weeks and weeks and weeks. We find the flavor peaks just prior to the darkening of the red stripe but after the peas begin to get fat. Also has beautiful bicolor flowers and is rather cold hardy. Bred by Dr. Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds in Corvallis, Oregon.

  • sugar magnolia pea

    Sugar Snap Pea, Sugar Magnolia (Organic)

    Pisum sativum. Purple Sugar Snap. 70 days.

    After more than 15 years of breeding work, Dr. Alan Kapuler has developed the first purple-podded sugar snap. Beautiful purple pods, beautiful flowers. Good sweet flavor, although not quite as sweet as Magnolia Blossom. We find the flavor to be best before the pods get extra fat. The beautiful 7′ tall vines produce over a long season. Bred by Peace Seeds in Corvallis, Oregon.

  • Sugaree Sugar Snap Pea

    Sugar Snap Pea, Sugaree (Organic)

    Pisum sativum. Green Sugar Snap. 60 days.

    A classic green sugar snap pea. Vines are a bit shorter than our other peas topping out at 5′ or so. Super tasty with a classic sweet crunch – we like to eat them when extra plump. Scored high for flavor and total marketable weight in the 2011 Northern Organic Variety Improvement Collaborative (NOVIC) trials despite showing less powdery mildew and enation resistance than others. Originally bred to be a public domain replacement for Sugar Snap, which at the time was a proprietary variety. Another great variety bred by Peace Seeds in Corvallis, Oregon.