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  • Millet, Auksés

    Millet, Auksés (Organic)

    Setaria italica. Foxtail millet.

    Foxtail millet is the type sold for bird food. Small seeds have yellow hulls. Very easy to grow, but hulls must be removed before humans can eat it (not an easy task). Given to The Seed Ambassadors Project by The Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture in Dotnuva, Lithuania. The breeder there has been working on millets since long before the collapse of the Soviet Union and he says the birds at the zoo prefer his varieties. Try using it as a cut flower, feeding it to chickens and ducks, or fermenting it into beer.

  • Hell's Canyon Millet
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    Millet, Hells Canyon (Organic)

    Setaria italica. Foxtail millet.

    This is an awesome millet. Beautiful, dense, fingery heads are a reddish brown. Purple-streaked green leaves and stalks. Tolerates cooler summers. Very productive and easy to hand harvest. Gorgeous in flower arrangements. From Don Kluever who gardens in Hells Canyon off the Snake River, via a Seed Saver’s Exchange member in Idaho.

  • Millet, Juosves

    Millet, Juosves

    Panicum miliaceum. Proso millet.

    Good for those with gluten allergies if you can hull it. Good as bird seed if you cannot. Large seeds have red-orange hulls. Millet is very drought tolerant and is one of the easiest grains to grow. Sprays make attractive additions to bouquets. Variety given to the Seed Ambassadors Project by the Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture, Dotnuva, Lithuania.

  • Millet, Rudukes (Organic)

    Millet, Rudukes (Organic)

    Setaria italica. Foxtail millet.

    Small seed with red-orange hulls, easy to grow. As with our other millets it is great for feeding chickens and ducks, or fermenting into beer. Remove hull before you eat it. Drought resistant. Variety given to us by the Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture in Dotnuva, Lithuania.