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  • Millet, Auksés

    Millet, Auksés (Organic)


    Setaria italica. Foxtail millet. Foxtail millet is the type used for bird food. Small seeds have yellow hulls that must be removed before humans can eat it (not an easy task). Very easy to grow, but difficult to save seed from unless you have zero birds in your garden (but who would want that?!). Try…

  • Millet, Dragon’s Claw (Organic)


    Eleusine coracana. 90 days. Finger millet. Aptly named, Dragon’s Claw is a unique and fun millet with panicles that are shaped like a hand with up to eight fingers pointed up to the sky. Would make a neat addition to autumn bouquets. The birds in our field left this one alone, preferring pretty much every…

  • Millet, Hells Canyon (Organic)


    Setaria italica. Foxtail millet. This is an awesome foxtail millet. Beautiful, dense, fingery heads are a reddish brown, leaves and stalks are purplestreaked green. Tolerates cooler summers. Very productive, easy to hand harvest (if you can get to it before the birds) and gorgeous in flower arrangements. Plants grow to 6′ tall. From Don Kluever…

  • Millet Proso Juosves

    Millet, Juosves (Organic)


    Panicum miliaceum. Proso millet. Proso millet is a good edible grain for those with gluten allergies, if you can manage to hull it. Great as bird seed if you cannot. Large seeds have red-orange hulls. Juosves millet is very drought tolerant and is easy to grow. Sprays make attractive additions to bouquets. Variety given to…

  • Millet, Rudukes (Organic)


    Setaria italica. Foxtail millet. Easy to grow, small seeded variety with red-orange hulls. As with our other millet varieties, it is also great fermenting into beer for personal use or feeding to your chickens and ducks. Remove hull before you eat it. Drought resistant. Rudukes millet was given to us by the Lithuanian Ministry of…