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  • White Spear Green Onion

    Green Onions, White Spear (Organic)

    Allium fistulosum. Scallion/Green Onion. 60 days.

    Andrew’s favorite green onion on the farm. Dependably produces beautiful bunches of green onions. Upright growth with no flopping, vigorous and easy to clean. So perfect that you don’t even need to cut the tops off. Bright green leaves and white bottoms are tall yet stocky. We have been selecting this variety for overwintering with much success. White Spear will go perennial and slowly self propagate in our Northwest climate if you don’t eat them all.

  • onion cipolla di rovato

    Onion, Cipolla di Rovato (Organic)

    Allium cepa. Yellow Storage. 110 days.

    Gorgeous golden cipollini type onion originating in Italy with that classic flat / disc shape. More mild in flavor than our other yellow storage onions. Bulbs can be from 2-3” across; smaller bulbs are nice, dense and good for pickling. Definitely a delicious all-purpose onion. Surprised us with its superior storage ability. Reliable in so many ways it might just inspire more people to have beautiful onion braids hanging in the kitchen, like in an Italian villa.

    Seed produced by Taproot Growers in Springfield, Oregon.

  • Gold Princess Onion

    Onion, Gold Princess (Organic)

    Allium cepa. Yellow. 85 days.

    Very early maturing globe onion that matures weeks earlier than every other variety of onion we grow. The multi-purpose Gold Princess is commonly planted very close together and picked small for pickling, or for little fresh pearl onions, but we prefer to grow it like a normal onion, as it grows into a great full size, gold-skinned onion with rich pungent flavor. Does not develop very many wrappers, making it great for cooking but not for storage. Very large bulbs will store through December, smaller bulbs may make it into spring. Very reliable and tasty. Its history is a mystery to us, but seems to be day-neutral as we have heard reports of it growing well in Louisiana.

  • Onion, Karmen

    Onion, Karmen (Organic)

    Allium cepa. Red Storage. 100 days.

    One of the best open pollinated red onions available. Medium-early and uniform. Dark red skin with good red color through the bulb layers. Known as a good storage type and we have certainly seen this to be true. Medium sweet flavor. A Czech commercial variety we sourced originally from a Hungarian seed company during our first Seed Ambassadors trip through Europe in 2006. A popular variety throughout Central and Eastern Europe. It grows very well for us here in Oregon and shows better downy mildew resistance than many other varieties.

    Seed produced by Pitchfork & Crow in Lebanon, Oregon. 

  • Onion, Maria Nagy's Transylvanian Red (Organic)

    Onion, Maria Nagy’s Transylvanian Red (Organic)

    Allium cepa. Red Storage. 100 days.

    A landrace red storage onion from a region of Transylvania that is famous for its storage onion production. Onions measure 3-4” across, produce well even with low fertility and water inputs, and store well through the following spring. Maria Nagy was one of the few subsistence farmers in Romania that still saved all of her own seeds when we visited in 2008 and she generously shared them with us. She brought some of these onions to the 2008 Turda Fest Agricultural Festival to help place Turda in the Guinness Book of World Records for World’s Longest Onion Braid, which measured 5,800 meters (3.6 miles)! The Maria Nagy’s Transylvanian Red Onion is a strain of Red Onion of Turda, known for its “sweeter taste and particular aroma,” which was added to the Slow Food Ark of Taste in 2013.

    Read more about our Seed Ambassadors Trip on our blog.

  • Onion, Maria Nagy's Transylvanian Yellow (Organic)

    Onion, Maria Nagy’s Transylvanian Yellow (Organic)

    Allium cepa. Yellow Storage. 100 days.

    But of course every homestead farm also needs yellow onions! Our favorite Romanian seed steward, Maria Nagy, shared her yellow onion with us as well. This yellow onion is very similar in appearance to the red strain (except yellow) with 3- 4” bulbs and some variability in shape from slightly torpedo to globe. Good storability and great rich pungency, slightly spicier than the red.

    Read more about our Seed Ambassadors Trip on our blog.

  • Onion, Newburg (Organic)

    Onion, Newburg (Organic)

    Allium cepa. Yellow Storage. 110 days.

    Simply the best open pollinated yellow storage onion and one of the best of Dr. Alan Kapuler’s dehybridized gems.  Selected from a European commercial hybrid storage onion, it was reselected under and for organic production. The tightly wrapped, copper-skinned, spherical bulbs are known for their excellent storage life, crisp texture, and medium hot rich flavor. Newburg has out yielded hybrids when trialed under organic conditions, therefore it is a great replacement for the classic hybrid, Copra. Despite the similar name, it is not named after the town of Newberg, Oregon.

  • Tuscan Red Onion

    Onion, Rossa di Toscana (Organic)

    5 out of 5
    Allium cepa. Red. 120 days.

    These beautiful dark red Italian onions can get very large and still maintain good storage quality through February. Classic flattened shape. White and red layered flesh is very pungent. Strong necks are good for braiding. Studies conducted at the University of Perugia’s Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences showed this variety to have the highest levels of immune stimulating polyphenols and antioxidants. Maybe it should be, “An onion a day keeps the doctor away?” Our strain originated from the Agricultori Custodi (Farmer Guardians) organization in Tuscany, Italy. Original seed collected in Italy by Seed Ambassador Kayla Preece in 2006.

    Seed produced by Avoca in Corvallis, Oregon.