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  • Alexanders Greens
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    Organic Alexanders Greens seed

    Alexanders (Organic)


    Smyrnium olusatrum. Perennial/Biennial. This plant goes by many names and has a long history, possibly going back to Alexander The Great. Ancient Romans ate the leaves, stems, roots, and flower buds as vegetables. Leaves are comparable to a mild-flavored parsley, and are tasty in salad or used as an herb. Large, yellow-flowered umbel blooms are highly…

  • Angelica archangelica

    Angelica (Organic)


    Angelica archangelica. 208-365 days. Biennial in zones 4-9. Angelica is one of those plants that seems ancient and archetypical. Plants are reminiscent of cow parsnip with similar large white-flowered umbels. Big, lobed leaves atop long hollow stems have a perfumed, sweet scent and flavor. Medicinal, ornamental and edible, Angelica is a plant that has been…

  • Organic Anise Hyssop Snow Spike Seed

    Anise Hyssop, Snow Spike (Organic)


    Agastache foeniculum. Perennial in zones 5-9. 60-70 days. Snow Spike is an aptly named ornamental white flowered selection of the upper-midwest native wildflower that touts edible flowers and leaves as well as purported medicinal qualities. The minty licorice flavor makes a wonderful relaxing, throat soothing, and decongesting tea. The flowers and leaves are great for…

  • Organic Thai Basil Seed Golden Mountain Sweet

    Basil, Golden Mountain Sweet Thai Mix (Organic)


    Ocium basilicum. 60-70 days. An essential ingredient in many Thai dishes because of its classic sweet licorice clove flavor. Green leaves, purple stems and purple flowers form on compact plants that work well in containers. Received as a variable population, some plants are stout with larger, sweeter leaves that are less aromatic, while other plants…

  • Italian Sweet Mountain BasilBasil, Italian Mountain Sweet (Organic)

    Basil, Italian Mountain Sweet (Organic)


    Ocimum basilicum. 65 days. A strain of Italian sweet basil that is more cool weather tolerant than other basil. As the name suggests, it is from the mountains of Northern Italy via the seed company Seeds Trust, formerly located in Montana. They report that Italian Mountain Sweet grows better than other basil varieties in Montana…

  • Organic Opalescent Basil Seed

    Basil, Opalescent (Organic)


    Ocimum basilicum. 60-70 days. Strikingly beautiful, ruffled dark purple basil. Opalescent basil is both an ornamental and a culinary herb. Refreshing flavor profile is reminiscent of the anise-clove combo of Thai basil, while preserving some sweet Genovese-adjacent and fruity aromatics. Makes a great fresh herb topping for dishes such as Vietnamese phở, or use as…

  • Basil, Siracusa Sweet

    Basil, Siracusa (Organic)


    Ocimum basilicum. 60-70 days. A sweet Italian basil in the true Genovese style. Siracusa has a deep, sweet aroma that is oddly missing from some modern commercial basil. Bright green leaves are slightly smoother and less pointy than Italian Mountain Sweet. Flavor is delicious in pesto alla trapanese, aka Sicilian pesto, which uses almonds and…

  • Organic Thai Lemon Basil seedOrganic Thai Lemon Basil seed

    Basil, Thai Lemon (Organic)


    Ocimum africanum. This refreshing, citrus basil is a different species than its sweet Italian basil cousins, and is essential in certain South and Southeast Asian dishes. Thai Lemon basil is delicious with seafood, or as a more complex flavorful alternative to sweet basil in almost any dish. It is best when added towards the end…

  • Borage

    Borage (Organic)


    Borago officinalis. Borage is a traditional European herb used medicinally for centuries and as a flavoring for soups and drinks. Little blue flowers are perfect when added to salad, bringing a sweet floral note. Fuzzy leaves have an earthy cucumber taste, considered moist and cooling. We make an alcohol extract out of the leaves and…

  • Chai Thai Celery Leaf

    Celery Leaf, Chai Thai (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 50-70 days. An Asian type that is similar to Chinese celery, but from Thailand. Chai Thai celery has long stems with strongly flavored large, jagged leaves that have a nice golden-green color. Asian celery is often used as a flavoring herb in stews, soups and stir fry dishes. The thin stems are rather…

  • Celery, Hollow Pipe of Malines

    Celery Leaf, Hollow Pipe of Malines (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 70 days. Light-green leaf cutting celery. Grows to 18” and is great in mirepoix and soups. Stems are also usable, but much smaller than those of stalk celery. The flavor packs a punch that is most suitable for cooking; a little goes a long way. This vigorous biennial leaf makes a great addition…

  • White Queen Celery

    Celery Leaf, White Queen (Organic)


    Apium graveolens. 70 days. Bright-green, aromatic leaves atop long, skinny, white stems give White Queen a stark visual contrast from the classic western stem celery. Thrives in cool fall weather, overwinters easily, and sometimes grows back vigorously as a second and third year perennial. This leaf celery is a Chinese variety with a strong flavor…

  • organic chervil great green seed
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    Chervil, Great Green (Organic)


    Anthriscus cerefolium. 30-60 days. Biennial in zones 3-9. Chervil is a useful and unfailing winter herb that deserves to be more commonly grown. Flavor is reminiscent of fennel with lots of sweet, subtle notes. A carrot relative, its leaves are similar and almost fern-like. We grow it in full sun, but it thrives in part…

  • Polyvit Chives

    Chives, Polyvit (Organic)


    Allium schoenoprasum. Perennial in zones 3-10. Produces bunches of dark green, pungent, onion flavored leaves that are very versatile in the kitchen. Plants grow to about 12″ tall. Very hardy plants withstand neglect, can grow in full sun to part shade, and are great for containers. In midsummer, plants produce little, light purple, globeshaped flowers…

  • Cilantro, Rak Tamachat

    Cilantro, Rak Tamachat (Organic)


    Coriandrum sativum. Named for the Rak Tamachat Permaculture and Natural Building Education Center in Thailand, where we saved the seeds for this variety out of their kitchen garden when we visited in March, 2014. Since all we saw were the plants that had already gone to seed, we were surprised and delighted by what we…

  • Standby CilantroCilantro, Standby (Organic)

    Cilantro, Standby (Organic)


    Coriandrum sativum. A must-have in the herb garden! Standby cilantro’s bright flavor freshens up any meal and is essential in so many cuisines worldwide – especially Latin American, Middle Eastern, Southeast and South Asian. Very hardy and slow bolting, it is excellent sown year-round, and especially in the late fall for winter harvest or an…

  • Coriander, Kanchanaburi (Organic)


    Coriandrum sativum. This large seeded coriander/cilantro has a fresh, aromatic flavor. Selected for seed production, the plants are shorter, earlier to flower, and have larger seeds than leaf type varieties. Although it is not the primary use, it also has tasty, aromatic leaves and roots that are useful in Thai food. Kanchanaburi coriander is a…

  • Dill, Ambrosia (Organic)


    Anethum graveolens. 35 days. An amazingly fragrant variety of dill. Heavenly in the garden and a key ingredient for many pickle recipes. You can’t have too many jars of dilly beans in the pantry. Also delicious in borscht (beet soup), and cooked with fish or potatoes. Flowers are very attractive to pollinators. We sourced Ambrosia…

  • Mt Adam's DillOrganic Mt Adams Dill seed

    Dill, Mt Adams (Organic)


    Anethum graveolens. 35 days. Dill is a must have in any garden, and Mt Adams dill is a great early-to-flower variety perfect for seed and flower production. It is also a good producer of dill leaf but not as prolific as mammoth types. Dill is a commercial crop in Washington state, where many acres are…

  • Organic Oaxaca Red Epazote Seed
    Organic Oaxaca Red Epazote Seed

    Epazote, Oaxaca Red (Organic)


    Dysphania ambrosioides. 60-70 days. Pungent leafy herb used in many Mexican recipes, especially good when combined with beans or soups. Oaxaca Red Epazote is a special red leaf variation of the often green-leafed plant. Perhaps most famous for its anti-flatulence properties when used in the preparation of dry beans, Epazote offers culinary benefits as well…

  • Organic True Hyssop seed

    Hyssop, True (Organic)


    Hyssopus officinalis. Perennial in zones 4-10. Easy to grow, True Hyssop is a useful ornamental herb that easily fits in a perennial or medicinal herb garden. Small (12-18”), evergreen, drought resistant plants would make a good short hedge and do well in containers. Plants will flower in the first year and in subsequent seasons, will…

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    Organic Lovage seed

    Lovage (Organic)


    Levisticum officinale. Perennial in zones 3-9. With an appearance similar to its celery relative, lovage has a lovely fragrance and a sweet herbal flavor to match. Almost fennel-like undertones that are also reminiscent of celery and parsley, but lovage really has a flavor all its own. All parts of this plant are edible – leaves…

  • Superior Korean Licorice Mint

    Mint, Superior Licorice (Organic)


    Agastache rugosa. Perennial in zones 5-9. Very delightful, aromatic leaves with a sweet, minty licorice flavor. One of Andrew’s favorite herbs for tea, second only to wild yerba buena. The beautiful blue flower spikes can grow to 8” tall and provide excellent forage for beneficial insects. Blooms over a long period and especially well late…

  • Organic Black Seed Culinary Nigella seed

    Nigella, Black-Seeded Culinary (Organic)


    Nigella sativa. 100 days. Attractive blue flowers look a lot like the related flower, Love-in-a-Mist, but Black-Seeded Culinary Nigella is a different species with closed seedpods that keep seeds safe inside. Plants grow 8-12” tall and while it does not produce many flowers, each flower is high yielding of small, aromatic black seeds that taste…

  • Greek White Flowered Oregano

    Oregano, White Flowered Greek (Organic)


    Origanum vulgaris hirtum. Perennial in zones 5-9. With its pungent, flavorful leaves, this is possibly the best strain for culinary use. A must have for the perennial herb garden, oregano is essential in many Mediterranean dishes. Best used straight out of the garden but also delicious dried. We even use it as a northern-grown replacement…

  • Organic Cilician Parsley Seed

    Parsley, Cilician (Organic)


    Petroselinum crispum. A very rare and special parsley originally from a medieval kingdom located in what is present-day Syria and Turkey, and brought to North America via Cyprus. Cilician parsley has a more ferny leaf type, with an intense flavor that makes a great addition to any dish calling for parsley. Tolerates shade well, possibly…

  • Organic Einfache Schnitt 3 Parsley Seed

    Parsley, Einfache Schnitt 3 (Organic)


    Petroselinum crispum. Translates from German as ‘easy cut,’ which proves to be very true. Incredibly flavorful and hardy, the dark green, flat leaves grow upright allowing for easy harvest and built-in rot resistance. High quality, marketable appearance and healthy year-round, even in the dead of winter. Several local organic growers have sung the praises of…

  • Organic Early Select Kkaennip Korean Perilla Seed
    Organic Early Select Kkaennip Korean Perilla Seed

    Perilla, Early Select Kkaennip (Organic)


    Perilla frutescens. 70 days leaves, 120 seeds. A classic Korean perilla / kkaennip, with strongly flavored green leaves reminiscent of mint and basil. This type of perilla is an essential green in Korean cooking. Leaves can be used in many ways including pickled as Kkaennip Kimchi or used as wraps similar to using lettuce or…