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  • Organic Astrakom Eggplant Seeds

    Eggplant, Astrakom (Organic)


     Solanum melongena. Purple. 60 days. Astrakom is possibly the best eggplant for short season climates or for those who struggle to get the larger fruited types to produce well. Deep purple, elongated teardrop-shaped fruit are smaller and a bit earlier than Diamond. Compact plants produce lots of medium-small (about 4” long) fruit, perfect for folks who…

  • diamond eggplant plant photo

    Eggplant, Diamond (Organic)


    Solanum melongena. Black. 65-70 days. Excellent standard eggplant for high yield and quality in organic growing conditions. Nice, elongated black globes are a little smaller than the hybrids but better suited for northern climates. Fairly short plants set fruit in clusters and produce well in less than optimal conditions. Diamond was our farm’s preferred variety…

  • Organic Noong Ta Klong Pea Eggplant Seed

    Eggplant, Noong Ta Klong Pea (Organic)


    Solanum torvum. Green. 90 days. We found this variety in February 2009 growing semi-wild in a village garden in Noong Ta Klong, Thailand. Used under-ripe, it is a crucial ingredient in Thai dishes including green curry and some types of chile sauces. One might consider it a spice, rather than a vegetable. Bitter and seedy, these…

  • Organic Petch Siam Eggplant Seed

    Eggplant, Petch Siam (Organic)


     Solanum melongena. Green Striped. 70 days. Small, round, green striped eggplants are the type most commonly used in Thai cuisine. In fact, Petch Siam translates to ‘Diamond of Thailand.’ Fruit grow to 2.5 – 3″, the approximate size of a tennis ball, but are best harvested at 1.5-2″, closer to the size of a ping…

  • Organic Poamoho Dark Long Eggplant Seed

    Eggplant, Poamoho Dark Long (Organic)


     Solanum melongena. Purple. 70 days. Long, slender Japanese style eggplant bred in Hawai’i for Bacterial Wilt resistance. Despite its tropical origins, Poamoho Dark Long Eggplant has been very productive in our outdoor Pacific Northwest growing conditions. Relatively tall plants produce the longest-fruited eggplants that we grow.  Many of the beautiful, shiny dark-purple fruits grow to…

  • Eggplant, Shimoda (Organic)


     Solanum melongena. Purple. 70 days. Small, oblong, brilliant dark purple eggplant form on compact bushes. The 4-6″ long fruit are best harvested small and have a nice white edging around purple stems for an attractive appearance. Skin is thinner than other eggplant varieties. This, along with a mild sweet flavor and dense flesh, make Shimoda suitable…

  • Organic Tsakoniki Eggplant Seed

    Eggplant, Tsakoniki (Organic)


    Solanum melongena. Purple and White Striped. 75 days. Purple with white streaks, this oblong eggplant is shaped somewhere between Italian and Japanese types. Tsakoniki is a Greek eggplant variety from the town of Leonidio where they have an annual festival celebrating this amazing vegetable, which is renowned for its delicate, sweet flavor and tender skin. In…

  • Eggplant, Udumalpet (Organic)


    Solanum melongena. Purple and White Striped. 70 days. This South Asian variety is early and tender. 3-4″ long goose-egg shaped fruit are strikingly beautiful purple with white stripes. Best picked on the small side. The skin can get thick on larger fruit but the flavor is still rich and wonderful. Unique delicious flavor when used…