Tomatillos & Ground Cherry

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  • organic otto's brush creek Ground Cherry seedsorganic otto's brush creek Ground Cherry seeds

    Ground Cherry, Otto’s Brush Creek (Organic)


    Physalis pubescens. This is one of our favorite things to snack on while walking through the garden. Little, golden, husked fruit look like tiny tomatillos but have a deliciously fruity tropical flavor. Some compare them to peaches, others to pineapple. We have been told that you can make a delicious preserve out of them. We…

  • Organic Tomatillo Cisineros seeds

    Tomatillo, Cisineros (Organic)


    Physalis philadelphica (synonym Physalis ixocarpa). 75 days. A large, green tomatillo similar to Plaza Latina Giant Green, but a little earlier to mature and not quite as big. Fruit are 2½” wide and a great choice for market farmers and gardeners. Under-ripe apple-green colored fruit make a nice tart addition to salsas, but we also…

  • Plaza Latina Giant Green Tomatillo

    Tomatillo, Plaza Latina Giant Green (Organic)


    Physalis philadelphica (synonym Physalis ixocarpa). 80 days. This special giant Mexican strain produces 3-4” wide, green fruit on super tall plants that benefit from support. Seed originally saved from imported Mexican fruit purchased at the Plaza Latina Market in Eugene, Oregon, in 2005. Much higher culinary value than the smaller yellowish varieties. We like to…

  • Organic Tomatillo Seeds Purple Keepers Modern LandraceOrganic Tomatillo Seeds Purple Keepers Modern Landrace

    Tomatillo, Purple Keepers Modern Landrace (Organic)


    Physalis philadelphica (synonym Physalis ixocarpa). 70 days. This is our effort to breed a medium-sized purple tomatillo that stores for a very long time off the vine. Shades range from a slight purple blush on green, to deep purple all through the fruit. Purple tomatillos have a more complex flavor than green ones. They are…