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  • Radish, Blauer Herbst Und Winter

    Radish, Blauer Winter (Organic)


    Raphanus sativus. Purple Storage. 60-80 days. Storage radish with bright violet skin and white flesh. Mild radish flavor is good raw, cooked, or pickled. Uncommon in the US but a favorite winter staple in Germany. Keeps well in the root cellar, or in the field all winter here in Oregon, as long as the mice…

  • Organic Radish Okhura Winter Queen Daikon seed

    Radish, Okhura Winter Queen Daikon (Organic)


    Raphanus sativus. White Daikon. 40-55 days. Classic stump-rooted daikon style radish with mild flavor. White, cylindrical roots can grow to 5 lbs and 16” long but taste best when harvested smaller. Excellent pickled, shredded on salad, or added to soups or stirfry. An outstanding storage crop, in the field or root cellar. Many daikon varieties…

  • Radish, Pink Beauty (Organic)


    Raphanus sativus. Pink Bunching. 27 days. Round to slightly oval, crisp roots are bright pink and not too spicy. We are rarely impressed with bunching radishes, but these are just darn good. Pink Beauty is all you could ever want in a bunching radish. An excellent market farm variety, praised as being better than many…

  • Organic Rudi radish seed

    Radish, Rudi (Organic)


    Raphanus sativus. Red Bunching. 26 days. A very high quality classic red bunching radish. Globe shaped with bright white flesh. Refreshingly crisp and quite tasty. Uniform, quick to mature, and holds well much longer in the field than most open pollinated bunching radishes. Rudi was bred by Enza Zaden, the highly regarded Dutch seed company,…