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  • Organic Oeschberg Amaranth SeedOrganic Oeschberg Amaranth Seed

    Amaranth, Oeschberg (Organic)


    Amaranthus cruentus. Flower. 70 days. Oeschberg is an amazing deep purple-red amaranth that is darker than Love Lies Bleeding, but with an upright growth habit. Seed heads are very highly branched and hold their color longer than other varieties, making it great for flower arrangements. Plants are a bit short for an upright amaranth at…

  • Tuscan Arugula

    Arugula, Tuscan (Organic)


    Eruca sativa. 24 days baby, 40 days full. Big thick leaves with excellent flavor and very cold hardy. For those who like their arugula to have a little kick, Tuscan has a spicier flavor than common varieties such as Astro. Some plants have strap-like leaves, others are lobed. Seed Ambassador Kayla Preece collected this variety…

  • Italian Sweet Mountain BasilBasil, Italian Mountain Sweet (Organic)

    Basil, Italian Mountain Sweet (Organic)


    Ocimum basilicum. 65 days. A strain of Italian sweet basil that is more cool weather tolerant than other basil. As the name suggests, it is from the mountains of Northern Italy via the seed company Seeds Trust, formerly located in Montana. They report that Italian Mountain Sweet grows better than other basil varieties in Montana…

  • Basil, Siracusa Sweet

    Basil, Siracusa (Organic)


    Ocimum basilicum. 60-70 days. A sweet Italian basil in the true Genovese style. Siracusa has a deep, sweet aroma that is oddly missing from some modern commercial basil. Bright green leaves are slightly smoother and less pointy than Italian Mountain Sweet. Flavor is delicious in pesto alla trapanese, aka Sicilian pesto, which uses almonds and…

  • Chioggia BeetChioggia Beet

    Beet, Chioggia (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Round Pink/White Rings. 65 days. In our days as market growers, Chioggia beets were by far our customers’ favorite, and we loved them too. Dark pink on the outside, the inside features concentric rings of pink and white. The candy cane like appearance is as pretty as it is fun. But Chioggia charms…

  • Organic Forono Beet Seeds
    Organic Forono Beet Seeds

    Beet, Forono (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Cylindrical Red. 60 days. A favorite beet variety of Elanor O’Brien of Persephone Farm in Lebanon, Oregon, one of the first certified organic farms in the state (since 1985!). We delight in recommendations from farmer seed stewards, especially for excellent varieties that have become hard to find, so when Elanor offered to grow…

  • Beet, Shiraz

    Beet, Shiraz (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Round Red. 60 days. Round, red roots with red leaf stems and green leaves. Vigorous and uniform with smooth skin and tall tops, Shiraz is a good choice for market growers and home gardeners alike. Not quite as sweet as Lutz Green Leaf, but still quite tasty. Young leaves make a great addition…

  • Organic Touchstone Gold Beet SeedsOrganic Touchstone Gold Beet Seeds

    Beet, Touchstone Gold (Organic)


    Beta vulgaris. Round Golden. 55 days. Touchstone Gold beets are vibrant orange on the outside with a golden yellow interior and green leaves. Color holds well through cooking and doesn’t bleed or stain as with traditional red varieties. Flavor is delightfully sweet and not overly earthy. Touchstone Gold is an improved variety of gold beet…

  • Organic Blue Star Gai Lan broccoli seedBlue Star Gai Lan Chinese Broccoli

    Broccoli, Blue Star Gai Lan (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 45-60 days. Our favorite variety of Chinese broccoli chosen from trials that included eight contestants. We like Blue Star’s moderately thick stems, incredible flavor, and easy-to-grow nature. Small plants send up stems up to 1″ thick, with small broccoli-like clusters on top. Due to the small stature, Gai Lan should be grown at…

  • Piracicaba Broccoli Seed

    Broccoli, Piracicaba (Organic)


    A heat-tolerant, small heading broccoli similar to broccolini. Where it really shines is not in its initial small head, but in the endless tasty side shoot production. Piracicaba Broccoli’s small shoots and loose florets make it seem like it could be the primordial ancestor of modern supermarket hybrid broccoli.

  • Red Arrow Purple Sprouting BroccoliRed Arrow Purple Sprouting Broccoli

    Broccoli, Red Arrow Purple Sprouting (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 210-240 days. Overwintering purple sprouting broccoli (PSB) is a very special treat for mild winter climate zones. Along with overwintering cauliflower, PSB is a superb food source during the hunger gap of March – April (at least for those of us whose winters do not usually drop below 15°F). With clusters of vibrant…

  • Organic Umpqua Broccoli Seed

    Broccoli, Umpqua (Organic)


    With its sublime blue-green color, Umpqua Broccoli looks delicious even from a distance. The robust plants have good side shoot production.

  • Organic Borlotto del Valdarno seeds

    Bush Dry Bean, Borlotto del Valdarno (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Tan Speckled. 90 days. Beautiful, classic borlotti bean with an elongated shape. Borlotto del Valdarno beans are tan with maroon speckles and stripes. The color pattern is similar to some horticultural and cranberry beans. Delicious delicate flavor perfectly suited to pasta e fagioli (aka, pasta fasul / fazool), the classic Italian pasta and…

  • Organic Brighstone bush dry bean seed

    Bush Dry Bean, Brighstone (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Tan Speckled. 90 days. Wonderful early, very high yielding dry bean. Pods are mottled with dark blue. Seeds resemble a pinto bean but with blue speckles instead of brown. Excellent tasting as a dry bean, somewhere between a kidney and pinto in flavor. Used in England as a snap bean, but we find…

  • Bush Dry Bean, Early Warwick (Organic)

    Bush Dry Bean, Early Warwick (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Red Speckled. 85 days. Cool weather tolerant, small bushes loaded with pods. Stocky bushes yield heavy with small round, dark-red mottled beans. Early enough to mature in England, where it is from. Also very reliable here in Oregon. It was usually the first dry bean we would bring to market in the fall,…

  • Organic Kenearly Yellow Eye Bush Dry Bean seed

    Bush Dry Bean, Kenearly Yellow Eye (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Tan Speckled. 90 days. A favorite throughout the Northeast for baked beans and hearty winter soups. Used in the South as an alternative black-eyed pea. We frequently substitute Kenearly Yellow Eye for cannellini beans in our favorite recipe – kale and cannellinis. Beans hold their shape when cooked, or can be blended down…

  • Bush Dry Bean, Rosso di Lucca

    Bush Dry Bean, Rosso di Lucca (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Rosy Speckled. 90 days. Very productive and early bean. Beautiful rosy red, oblong beans with dark stripes and speckles. Said by growers in Italy to have a rich delicious flavor, pairing well with other strong flavors such as garlic, sage and rich fruity olive oil. We agree and love to use it as…

  • Organic Titus Cannellini bean seedTitus Cannellini bean

    Bush Dry Bean, Titus Cannellini (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. White. 95 days. When we grew dry beans for farmer’s markets our customers frequently asked us for cannellini beans and we know why: the pure white beans are delicious and creamy, yet hold their texture well when cooked. They pair amazingly well with our favorite vegetable, kale, and shine in minestrone, one of…

  • Bush Snap Bean, Buerre de Rocquencourt (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Beurre de Rocquencourt (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Yellow Pods. 50 days. This delicate yellow wax bean is often the first to mature. Delicious buttery flavor, uniform size and shape for easy processing, and high yields make this a standout bush wax variety. Yellow pods can be picked when small as filet beans for extra tender texture. Plants grow well in…

  • Bush Snap Bean, Cupidon (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Cupidon (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 55 days. As vegetable growers we used to be less than excited about filet beans until we found Cupidon. Not only is it the best filet bean we’ve found, it is one of the best beans, period. Delicious, aromatic sweet flavor. High yielding, light green, stringless, long, slender, French filet type…

  • Bush Snap Bean, Labrador (Organic)

    Bush Snap Bean, Labrador (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 60 days. Dark green, round, stringless snap bean on upright plants. Labrador has good sweet flavor with a tender crunch. Uniform, 5½” long beans are good for processing. With a longer than average shelf life and continual harvest window, this variety is a great choice for market growers. Bred by Asgrow…

  • marona bush snap bean

    Bush Snap Bean, Marona (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 60 days. A reliable green early maturing snap bean with long round pods. Early high yields that hold up well once picked. Very tasty tender beans are great for direct market sales. Good for summer and autumn rotations and produces well in dry conditions. Marona has everything you need to be…

  • Roberts Royalty Beans

    Bush Snap Bean, Robert’s Royalty (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Purple Pods. 55 days. Another masterpiece bred by Robert Lobitz! Produces beautiful medium-dark purple pods with great bean flavor. Similar to the variety Royal Burgundy with slightly shorter pods on more prolific and compact plants. Like Royal Burgundy, Robert’s Royalty is early maturing and cool weather tolerant, germinating better in cold soil than…

  • Wade Bush Snap Bean

    Bush Snap Bean, Wade (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Green Pods. 60 days. A classic dark green, bush snap bean with smooth, round 6-7” long pods. With its high yields and dependability, we recommend this bean as a market farm production variety. Excellent when eaten fresh, frozen, or canned. The pods hold well once picked so they make it to market in…

  • cabbage amarant

    Cabbage, Amarant (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 75-90 days. Gorgeous, early, dark red cabbage with dense, compact heads. Good crunchy and juicy texture. Outer leaves have a lovely silver shimmer that seems to deter aphids, helping this variety to perform well even under high summer temperatures that typically stress out other Brassicas. A good selection for early and main season…

  • January King Cabbage

    Cabbage, January King (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 160-210 days. January King certainly reigns supreme amongst winter cabbages. Beautiful purplish plants form light green winter savoy type heads with purple outer leaves. When growing for our winter CSA, we relied on this variety for its firm, semi-flat, well-filled, 3-5 lb heads from January into March. We sourced several strains with a…

  • Organic Primax Cabbage Seed
    Organic Primax Cabbage Seed

    Cabbage, Primax (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 60 days. Our all-time favorite summer cabbage. Primax cabbage dependably produces firm, round, pale green heads that range in size from 2-4 lbs – just the right size for our kitchen. We also love it because it manages to be both crisp and tender at the same time, and it holds well in…

  • Winter King Savoy Cabbage

    Cabbage, Winter King Savoy (Organic)


    Brassica oleracea. 120-180 days. Large, dark green heads have that classic savoy crinkled texture and sweeten up nicely after frost. We like to eat savoy cabbage stir-fried or simply braised in butter. The thicker outer leaves make great cabbage rolls. During our winter CSA days we became obsessed with cold hardy cabbage. After trialing dozens…