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  • kimchi collection

    Seed Collections, Kimchi Garden (Organic)


    We’re big fans of kimchi (the Korean version of Sauerkraut) and make a few batches every year. This collection offers all of the vegetable ingredients to make this delicious lacto-fermented staple side-dish: Nozaki Early napa cabbage, Okhura Winter Queen daikon radish, Korean hot pepper, White Spear green onion, and carrots. Just add salt, ginger, garlic, and shrimp paste (if you’re up for it), and go! Yum!

    5 packets.

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    Seed Collections, Salsa Celebration (Organic)


    Salsa is the ultimate condiment, and a true celebration of the summer garden’s bounty. This collection includes all of the ingredients necessary for a tasty homegrown salsa: paste tomato, tomatillo, hot pepper, cilantro, and onion. Specific varieties included are subject to availability. Just add salt and some garlic.

    5 packets

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    Seed Collections, Temperate Thai Garden


    Thai cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world – and it’s certainly Sarah and Andrew’s favorite! Many of the ingredients used to create the complex flavors can be grown right here in the Paci c Northwest. We hope this collection inspires and elevates your Thai cooking experience. This collection includes Adaptive Thai hot pepper, Rak Tamachat cilantro, Thai Lemon basil, Egg From Phuket tomato, and Noong ta Klong Pea eggplant

    5 packets.

  • tomato rainbow

    Seed Collections, The Tomato Rainbow Connection (Organic)


    Includes one each of a red, orange, yellow, green, pink, and purple/black tomato. Varieties will vary and may include slicer, paste, saladette, main season and/or cherry types. Here’s one way we’ll find it – the lovers, the dreamers, and us! Specific varieties included are subject to availability.

    6 packets.

  • winter wonderfull-3

    Seed Collections, Wonderful Winter (Organic)


    Ten packets of winter hardy and hearty garden vegetables, including root vegetables and leafy greens. May include but is not limited to the following – beets, chard, chicory, endive, green onion, kale, leeks, mustard, parsley, parsnip, radish, rutabaga, spinach, turnip. Specific varieties included are subject to availability.

    10 packets.