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  • Organic Maria Nagy's Transylvanian Hot Pepper seedsOrganic Maria Nagy's Transylvanian Hot Pepper seeds

    Hot Pepper, Maria Nagy’s Transylvanian (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Hot. 70 days. Strong plants produce large cayenne-shaped red hot peppers. A classic heritage type Transylvanian hot pepper that is early to produce fruit and is quick to ripen. Looks like a cayenne but it tastes altogether something different. It is hard to describe, but it has a very rich Transylvanian flavor. The…

  • Organic Târgu Mureş Targu Mures seedHot Pepper, Târgu Mureş Targu Mures

    Hot Pepper, Targu Mures (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Hot. 70 days. A Transylvanian hot paprika pepper from Târgu Mureș, Romania. We found this variety to be unbelievably productive and early to ripen. However the best part is its flavor which is medium hot and very rich. Serrano shape and size but with thin walls, making it good for drying. Makes delicious…

  • Organic Maria Nagy's Transylvanian Red Onion SeedOnion, Maria Nagy's Transylvanian Red (Organic)

    Onion, Maria Nagy’s Transylvanian Red (Organic)


    Allium cepa. Red Storage. 100 days. Long Day. A landrace red storage onion from a region of Transylvania that is famous for its storage onion production. Onions measure 3-4” across, produce well even with low fertility and water inputs, and store well through the following spring. Maria Nagy was one of the few subsistence farmers…

  • Maria Nagy's Transylvanian Yellow Onion Organic Seed

    Onion, Maria Nagy’s Transylvanian Yellow (Organic)


    Allium cepa. Yellow Storage. 100 days. Long Day. But of course every homestead farm also needs yellow onions! Our favorite Romanian seed steward, Maria Nagy, shared her yellow onion with us as well. Maria Nagy’s Transylvanian Yellow is very similar in appearance to the red strain (except, obviously, yellow) with 3- 4” bulbs and some…

  • Runner Bean, Moldovanesti Buffalo (Organic)

    Runner Bean, Moldovanesti Buffalo (Organic)


    Phaseolus coccineus. White. 90-100 days. Extremely productive and easy to hand harvest, these 8′ tall plants produce tons of delicious, large, white beans. White flowers are edible, and beans are edible when young as large green beans or when mature as dry beans. But we think they are best as fresh shelling beans. White runner…

  • Transylvanian SorrelSorrel, Transylvanian (Organic)

    Sorrel, Transylvanian (Organic)


    Rumex acetosa. Perennial. A variety of garden sorrel with nice long, strap-shaped leaves. Good color and flavor all winter. Tolerates dry spells. Extremely hardy and perfect for the permaculture or gourmet garden. We like it added as a small part in salad mixes and sauces, and it is used in sorrel soup, of course. Collected…

  • Tomato, Giant of Siebenburgen

    Tomato, Giant of Siebenburgen (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. 80-85 days. Indet. Big, red oxheart shaped, 12-18 oz fruit with tender skin. This is a giant tomato, good for fresh eating but best broiled or cooked into soup or sauce. Sometimes one fruit is too much for one person to eat all at once. Late but high yields. We wait every year…

  • Tomato, Maria Nagy Giant (Organic)

    Tomato, Maria Nagy Giant (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. 85 days. Indet. Large, perfect 10-16 oz globes have a really sweet, rich flavor. Late to come on but very productive once it gets going. The flavor is just incredible, making it well worth the wait. We all have our ideal red slicer criteria and this one meets ours for flavor, size, texture,…

  • Tomato, Maria Nagy heart (Pear)

    Tomato, Maria Nagy Heart (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red Paste. 80 days. Indet. A Transylvanian tomato with exceptionally rich and sweet flavor. Late but productive. Large, meaty, pear shaped 8-12 oz fruit are good for eating raw or for sauce, and taste incredible when roasted with basil, salt and olive oil. Received from seed steward Maria Nagy in Turda, Romania, during…

  • Tomato, Pusztakolosz

    Tomato, Pusztakolosz (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. 80-85 days. Indet. Large, 5-6″ wide, 16-24 oz beefsteak fruit. Plants are very vigorous and have very leafy, thick growth. Originally from Cluj, a city in Transylvania, Romania. Many Hungarians live in Romania and the name Kolosz is the Hungarian name for Cluj. Puszta means prairie. Good thing Andrew looked that up because…