Seed Collections, Annual Flower Lover (Organic)

Who doesn’t love a flower garden? These collections are an assortment of 7 flowers chosen to create a flower patch with a mix of colors, plant textures and layers, and a prolonged blooming period. Pick either our Annual or Perennial collection.

This collection is packaged in an attractive cotton muslin drawstring bag and includes an Adaptive Seeds sticker.

7 packets, $28.50

Bachelor’s Button, Mauve Ball (Organic)

1/2 g ≈ 80 seeds

Coreopsis, Tall Plains (Organic)

Packet ≈ 200 seeds

Cosmos, Daydream (Organic)

1/2 g ≈ 75 seeds

Nigella, Exotic Love-in-a-Mist (Organic)

1/2 g ≈ 175 seeds

Poppy, Food Not Lawns Remix (Organic)

1/2 g ≈ 500 seeds

Sunflower, The Tower (Organic)

1 g ≈ 35 seeds

Zinnia, Berry Basket (Organic)

1/2 g ≈ 50 seeds