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  • Bush Dry Bean, Öland Swedish Brown (Organic)


    Phaseolus vulgaris. Brown. 90 days. Small, round brown bean with a mellow flavor. Traditionally used in Swedish sweet and sour bean stew (made with molasses and vinegar), and we enjoy it in Boston baked beans. Brown beans have been a staple in Sweden for hundreds of years. Though they were once grown in several areas…

  • Organic Hot Pepper Chimayo SeedOrganic Hot Pepper Chimayo Seed

    Hot Pepper, Chimayo (Organic)


    Capsicum annuum. Medium Hot. 65 days. Famous New Mexico chile from the farming town of Chimayo in northern New Mexico, at 5,900′ elevation. Medium hot, 3-5” long fruit are probably the earliest Southwestern chile to ripen to red. Thin skinned and easy to dry. In our opinion, Chimayo is in the running for best tasting…

  • Organic Maria Nagy's Transylvanian Red Onion SeedOnion, Maria Nagy's Transylvanian Red (Organic)

    Onion, Maria Nagy’s Transylvanian Red (Organic)


    Allium cepa. Red Storage. 100 days. Long Day. A landrace red storage onion from a region of Transylvania that is famous for its storage onion production. Onions measure 3-4” across, produce well even with low fertility and water inputs, and store well through the following spring. Maria Nagy was one of the few subsistence farmers…

  • Retrija PeaRetrija Pea

    Soup Pea, Retrija (Organic)


    Pisum sativum. Latvian Grey Soup. 110 days. Large seeded, speckled brown Latvian soup pea. For those of us accustomed to green peas this unique grey variety is delightful. We were only aware of green soup peas until we traveled to Latvia in 2006 and discovered these. Then we learned that there are many varieties of…

  • Watermelon, Winter King and Queen (Organic)

    Watermelon, Winter King and Queen (Organic)


    Citrullus lanatus. 90-100 days. A unique and rare winter keeper type watermelon. With light-green skin and pink-red flesh, these melons have a good sweetness and excellent flavor. Some refer to this type as a Christmas watermelon because once picked, it can be stored into December. We have eaten them for Thanksgiving and later into winter….

  • Winter Squash, Canada Crookneck (Organic)

    Winter Squash, Canada Crookneck (Organic)


    Cucurbita moschata. 90 days. Another great butternut-type squash that matures in our climate! Canada Crookneck is a bottle shaped “neck squash” that the present-day butternut type was selected from. Very productive and holds well in storage when properly cured. Average size is 3 ½ lbs, though a few reach 6 lbs. Not all necks are…

  • Winter Squash, Lower Salmon River (Organic)

    Winter Squash, Lower Salmon River (Organic)


    Lower Salmon River squash is on the short list of heritage Pacific Northwest winter squash varieties. Grown in and around Idaho’s Lower Salmon River, possibly for generations, it is uniquely adapted to our bioregion. Deep orange sweet flesh is flakier and drier than Sweet Meat.