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  • Tobacco, Jasmine Scented (Organic)

    Tobacco, Jasmine Scented (Organic)


    Nicotiana alata. 70 days. Bright white trumpet-shaped flowers bloom in the evening and practically glow at night—simply stunning in the full moon! But more significant is the amazing jasmine smell that is particularly strong at dusk as it begins to attract large moths for pollination. The scent is so strong you can smell it from…

  • Organic Massachusetts Wrapper Tobacco seeds

    Tobacco, Massachusetts Wrapper (Organic)


    Nicotiana tabacum. As folks that haven’t spent much time in New England, we were surprised to learn that Connecticut and Massachusetts have a 300 year history of producing premium tobacco for wrapping cigars. Warm summers, long day length, and high humidity provide favorable conditions for leaves that can reach 3′ across and twice as long!…

  • Purple Purfume Nicotiana flowering tobacco

    Tobacco, Purple Perfume Nicotiana (Organic)


    Nicotiana x sandarae. 60 days. Dark, deep purple, trumpet-shaped flowers with all of the intoxicating fragrance of taller nicotianas. Shorter, 2′ tall plants are perfect when creatively placed as accents in the garden, or in containers. The flowers are loved by twilight and nocturnal insects. We discovered this cute little plant at Nichols Garden Nursery…

  • Tobacco, Shirazi (Organic)


    Nicotiana tabacum. This rare, Iranian tobacco grows about 4-5′ tall and produces lovely white flowers with lavender-pink blush. Said to be a good, full-flavored smoke and also good for a homemade garden insecticide, though we haven’t tried either. We have been told that Shirazi is easy to cure out here in the West and doesn’t…