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  • Organic Radicchio La Rosa del Veneto seed

    Radicchio, La Rosa del Veneto (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Loose heading and tall heading type. 100-120 days. La Rosa Del Veneto is a pink leafed chicory of the type that has been “having a moment” since at least 2018. We’re hoping that moment is here to stay and that pink chicory will establish itself as more than a niche crop for fancy…

  • Radicchio, Orchidea (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Loose heading rosette type. 65 days. An unstoppable winter green. Semi-open rosette shaped heads with some variation in red and green variegation, speckling and tones. Good planted any time summer through fall. More resistant than other radicchios to winter predation from rodents. Harvest as heads or as cut-and-come-again leaf. Very winter hardy with…

  • Organic Palla Rossa Melot Radicchio seedOrganic Radicchio Palla Rossa Melot seeds

    Radicchio, Palla Rossa Melot (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Round heading type. 70 days. After extensive trialing, Palla Rossa Melot is the best open pollinated classic Palla Rossa radicchio we have found. Large, dense round heads of bright red and white leaves have a mild flavor and make a festive addition to the plate. Quicker to head up than many other varieties…

  • Organic Radicchio Rossa di Verona Arca SeedsRossa di Verona Arca Chicory

    Radicchio, Rossa di Verona Arca (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Round heading type. 75 days. An outstanding selection of a solid heading radicchio with a 4-6” tall, elongated shape. Deep red/purple leaves with broad white mid-ribs are nice and crunchy with the tangy bitterness that radicchio is known for. We loved this variety for our winter CSA, as the tight wrapping on the…

  • Organic Treviso Mesola Radicchio seedOrganic Treviso Mesola Radicchio seed

    Radicchio, Treviso Mesola (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Tall heading type. 80 days. Large heads have a deep red leaf color with crunchy white midribs. We have trialed dozens of radicchio varieties over the years and Treviso Mesola is a standout. Italians have many wonderful song-like names for vegetables. This variety is sometimes referred to by its long name, Radicchio Treviso…

  • Variegata Di Chioggia ChicoryVariegata Di Chioggia Chicory

    Radicchio, Variegata di Chioggia (Organic)


    Cichorium intybus. Round heading type. 75 days. Another standout from our extensive radicchio trials. Best for fall and early winter harvest. Heads are slightly variable in shape and size but all have a nice red-pink and white variegation, lacking the green of Castelfranco and Luisa types. Large, round heads (think iceberg lettuce) are beautiful and…

  • Scuplit, Silene Inflata (Organic)

    Silene inflata, Scuplit / Stridolo (Organic)


    Silene vulgaris. Perennial. Salad herb native to Europe. Great for year-round salads as it is very hardy. Also good cooked in risotto and omelets. Used throughout Italy for its slightly aromatic flavor much like arugula or chicory, but milder and with an herbal note. Some avoid the older leaves as they have a strong bite….

  • Il Tore The Tower Sunflower

    Sunflower, The Tower (Organic)


    Helianthus annuus. Flowers reach 6″ wide on well-branched, 6′ tall plants. Flower color varies and includes pale yellow, bright yellow, bicolor, and red flowers. A very good cut flower since each plant produces several flower heads and stem size works well in bouquets. We were given this seed by Wim Brus, a biodynamic seed grower…

  • Tomato, Belmonte Pear (Organic)

    Tomato, Belmonte Pear (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red Paste. 75 days. Indet. Andrew has been looking for a productive early Italian giant pear tomato for years and none of the standards seem to produce well here in Oregon. That was until we tried Belmonte Pear. It is the classic red Italian piriform (pear shaped) tomato found in Italy. Highly regarded…

  • Tomato, Grappoli d'Inverno (Organic)

    Tomato, Grappoli d’Inverno (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red Paste. 60-70 days. Semi-det. Grappoli d’Inverno’s small bushes ripen early with 1-2 oz, plum-sized fruit that keep very well once picked. Unimpressive when eaten fresh, the flavor transforms into deliciousness once dried. It’s also good roasted. A selection of a type of tomato with strains grown in many regions of Italy for…

  • Organic Principe Borghese Tomato Seed

    Tomato, Principe Borghese (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red Paste/Drying. 70 days. Indet. Classic Italian sun drying tomato. Red pointy plums with thick flesh and skin. Often listed elsewhere as determinate, we’ve designated it as indeterminate because its’ viney plants grow tall enough for a trellis, and yield very late into the season. Principe Borghese are usually dried for winter use,…

  • Tomato, Ropreco

    Tomato, Ropreco (Organic)


    Solanum lycopersicum. Red Paste. 65 days. Det. Productive and early, this heirloom Italian sauce tomato yields 2-3″ red, plump 2-3 oz fruit that have a small point at the blossom end. Very good raw flavor compared to other paste tomato varieties. A good choice for short season or cool summer locations. Can out yield Roma,…

  • Winter Squash, Piacentina

    Winter Squash, Piacentina (Organic)


    Cucurbita maxima. 105 days. Incredibly dense, striking grey-blue winter squash ranging 10-20 lbs. Vigorous vines grow to 30 ft. A bit on the late maturing side, but worth the wait. Drier flesh is the perfect consistency for adding to baked goods, raviolis, gnocchi, or any recipe that calls for a thick, less watery puree –…

  • Organic Zucchini Genovese Seed

    Zucchini, Genovese (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. Light Green. 55 days. A lovely variety of zucchini from Italy. Fruit is light green with no ribbing and tends to bulb out a bit on the end. As with most Italian varieties, there is some variation in fruit appearance but the flavor is consistently delicious. We especially love the fact that the…

  • Organic Zucchini San Pasquale SeedOrganic Zucchini San Pasquale Seed

    Zucchini, San Pasquale (Organic)


    Cucurbita pepo. Dark Green, Light Green Stripes. 55 days. A richly flavored and productive zucchini from Southern Italy that easily beats watery hybrid zucchini. San Pasquale fruits are dark green with light green stripes and slight ridges. Produces a lot of male flowers which are great for stuffing or frying and the female flowers hold…