Adaptive Seeds

Radicchio, Variegata di Chioggia (Organic)


Cichorium intybus. Round heading type. 75 days.

During the years of our winter CSA we trialed dozens of varieties of chicories and Variegata di Chioggia was a standout. Best for fall and early winter harvest. Heads are variable in shape and size but all have a nice red pink and white variegation, lacking the green of Castelfranco and Luisa types. Large, round heads (think iceberg lettuce) are beautiful and the flavor is delicious, somewhere between the sweeter Castelfranco and the stronger flavored Rosso di Chioggia. According to Italian historical accounts Variegata di Chioggia was selected out from a cross with Castelfranco and then the much redder Rosso di Chioggia was selected from Variegata di Chioggia. Originating near Chioggia, Italy.

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