Seed Collections, Salsa Celebration (Organic)

Salsa is the ultimate condiment, and a true celebration of the summer garden’s bounty. This collection includes all of the ingredients necessary for a tasty, homegrown, homemade salsa (well, except salt and lime). With both paste tomatoes and tomatillos, you can make salsa roja and verde!

This collection is packaged in an attractive cotton muslin drawstring bag and includes an Adaptive Seeds sticker.

5 packets, $21.75

Cilantro, Standby (Organic)

3 g ≈ 200 seeds

Onion, Newburg (Organic)

1/2 g packet ≈ 100 seeds

Tomatillo, Cisineros (Organic)

Packet ≈ 50 seeds

Tomato, Quadro (Organic)

Packet ≈ 30 seeds

Hot Pepper, Serrano Huasteca (Organic)

Packet ≈ 30 seeds